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Crying Tears of Teal: Ovarian Cancer Awareness

by Serena T. Wills September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. One month is not enough time to make people aware of this deadly and rapid cancer. If my mother and I had known the symptoms and facts sooner about ovarian cancer, I believe she would be alive today. My mother was 60 years old and we were planning a vacation ... Read More »

Fermented Foods Revival

Rediscover Probiotic-Rich Foods by Judith Fertig Colorful jars of fermented Korean kimchee, Indian chutney, German sauerkraut and bottles of kombucha line many grocery store shelves today. We’re in the midst of a fermented food revival. Grassroots Groundswell “I grew up in New York City as the grandson of immigrants from Belarus, and sauerkraut and pickles were common foods I always ... Read More »

Personal Growth Challenge: A Game of Self-Discovery

Developed by an Area Coach and Entrepreneur by Robin Fillmore Local entrepreneur and personal coach, Alexis Sullivan, has come up with an idea that may revolutionize the way that anyone can get on a journey to understand themselves a bit better. She has developed the “Personal Growth Challenge ~ A Game of Self-Discovery.” Players and seekers are invited into either ... Read More »

What is Chiropractic?

by Allan Tomson, DC  Chiropractic is a holistic drug-free healing art with a primary focus on the spine and the nervous system. It is based on the theory that the spinal vertebra are moveable and they can become misaligned and sometimes “stuck” out of their normal position. Employing a thorough examination and diagnosis, a chiropractor identifies where the misaligned vertebra ... Read More »

Letter From the Publisher

Dear Friends, As I write this to you, the great cleanup has just begun in Florida, the Caribbean and other parts of the South in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and is in full swing in Texas and Louisiana after the devastating impact of Harvey. My personal Facebook feed is full of notes sharing the “I’m safe” check-in and, in ... Read More »

The Benefits of Health Coaching

by Sarah Shakeri              As more and more people find that they can turn to health professionals in addition to doctors to help them navigate a path to wellness, health coaching has become an important part of this journey. The physical benefits of health coaching include shedding body fat, optimizing metabolism, detoxifying, improving digestion and feeling energized. In addition, clients gain confidence. ... Read More »

Nature Photographer Robert Llewellyn

On Moving from Looking to Seeing by April Thompson For the past 40 years, Robert Llewellyn has photographed thousands of unique beauties—many of them trees, flowers, seeds and other landscape elements. “For a photographer, anything can be a good subject, even dirt,” he says. “My mission is to move people from merely looking at things to deeply seeing things as ... Read More »

The Many Causes and Treatments of Hair Loss

by Isabel Sharkar, ND Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, refers to an excessive loss of hair from the scalp and is so common that it is considered a normal sign of aging. There are many different types of hair loss. Androgenic alopecia also known as patterned baldness, is the most common and characterized by a receding hair line or general hair ... Read More »

Holy Basil for a Long, Healthy Life

by Laina Poulakos Holy Basil, also known as tulsi, is an herb widely used in India, but is now finding its way to kitchens everywhere. It is referred to as the “queen of herbs” for its powerful healing powers. This sacred plant, found in most Indian homes or gardens, is used for many common ailments, such as reducing stress and ... Read More »

Transformative Travel

Outer Adventures, Inner Journeys by April Thompson An open-hearted journey can take unexpected paths. More travelers today are searching for deep and lasting changes in their view of themselves and the world. Declare Your Intentions Attention and intention are the main ingredients for transformative travel for Phil Cousineau, acclaimed author of The Art of Pilgrimage. “Ask yourself what is motivating ... Read More »