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Alkalinity Matters

By Elaine Gibson For many people facing a diagnosis of cancer, learning how to fight back with changes to lifestyle is a key component to success. This includes a renewed focus on what food and drinks consumed, including water. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, a biochemist and 1931 Nobel Prize winner for his work with cancer cells and oxygenation, was one ... Read More »

Airwaves Activist – NPR’s Steve Curwood Empowers Listeners to Aid Planet Earth

by Randy Kambic As executive producer and host of Living on Earth, the weekly environmental news program distributed by Public Radio International since 1990, Steve Curwood keeps millions of people informed on leading environmental topics. Broadcast on more than 300 public radio stations nationwide, the program has garnered a host of accolades, including three from the Society of Environmental Journalists and two ... Read More »

Acupuncture: Pain, Depression And Anxiety

by Dr. Craig D. Sanford Today approximately one in five Americans take at least one psychiatric medication. Many clinical trials have shown little difference between placeboes and anti-depression medications. Individuals with anxiety have been no more than sedated rather then helped by medications, while the rampant use of medications for chronic pain has resulted in a mass wave of addiction. ... Read More »

Lisa Schumacher

4000 Albemarle St, Ste 202, NW 202-244-9588 Helping others find natural ways to gain optimum health through Zero Balancing, Massage, Energy Therapy and Herbal Support.  Read More »

Y’s Elements

Experienced yoga therapist/coach available for group and individual sessions drawing from a deep well of creative, somatic and reflective methods to help you flourish.     202-246-9592 Read More »

Spark Yoga

2201 N Pershing Dr, Ste G, Arlington, VA 703-248-9642 Maintain healthy body and mind through Aerial Yoga, Ashtanga, Barre, Hot Yoga, and Pilates. All studios are designed to be energy efficient and sustainable. Read More »

Radiant Child Yoga

1-888-561-2126 Learn To Teach Children Yoga! Events, trainings, retreats, and other resources available for Radiant Child Yoga, Yoga for ADHD/Autism, Kundalini Yoga, and more. Read More »

Lil Omm Yoga

4708 Wisconsin Ave, NW, DC 20016 202-248-6304 A friendly, community yoga center welcoming all ages and stages of life. Offering open and honest teaching regarding yoga, well-being, family and spirituality. Read More »

East Meets West Yoga

8227 Old Courthouse Rd, Ste 310, Vienna, VA 703-356-9642 At East Meets West Yoga Center, we provide a safe, tranquil, and supportive environment to practice yoga and meditation, allowing individuals to open to the possibilities of what could be. We are a community of knowledgeable, dedicated yoga teachers where a variety of yoga styles flourish. Read More »