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Mini Spotlights

New Approach to Health Care for a New Age What if much—perhaps even most—of what we thought we knew and were taught about health and modern medicine was plain wrong? What would you do and how could you trust your doctor’s orders? That distressing truth surfaced with Newsweek’s January 2011 cover story, “Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine is ... Read More »

Dial Down Stress

How to Stay Calm and Cool by Lisa Marshall People with a stress-hardy mindset may temper stress as an “excite-and-delight “challenge in adventurous situations. Others “tend-and-befriend”, reaching out to help and comfort in times of tragedy. Studies show that when participants are told, “You’re the kind of person whose performance improves under pressure,” it does—by as much as one-third.~ Harvard ... Read More »

Understanding Nutraceuticals

How They Differ from Health-Store Supplements by Linda Sechrist Savvy consumers seeking products that might help them achieve and maintain good health may be noticing two new categories: medical food and nutraceuticals. Medicalized terminology is now being used to describe certain products we may already have been buying from brand-name dietary supplement companies and retailers, and they have a higher ... Read More »

Healthy Weight Kids

Food Choices that Prevent Obesity by Amber Lanier Nagle Small changes in daily eating routines translate into healthier weight for America’s kids. In 2010, President Obama and Michelle Obama launched Let’s Move! as their signature initiative to tackle epidemic levels of U.S. childhood obesity. While modest progress has been made, it remains a public health crisis. A brief by the ... Read More »

Is Stress the Reason for that Stubborn Weight?

by Elizabeth McMillan, CNS, LDN Stress is a normal function in life. It helps us to meet deadlines, pass an important exam, face our fears and strive to pay our bills. It makes us feel tense, while making us feel more focused and alert. However, often we become over-stressed or chronically stressed. This can happen to anyone for any reason ... Read More »

Practice Mindfulness for Natural Stress Relief

by Dr. Charles Gant M.D., Ph.D. The concept of mindfulness is now searched on the internet over 70,000 times a month. The concept of mindfulness is not: meditation, concentration, yoga, reflection, prayer, attention, awareness, enlightenment, inner peace or stress reduction. However, when practiced, mindfulness may play a role in all these things. Mindfulness-based approaches to psychotherapy in the last decade have ... Read More »

Movie Night Returns to Neck, Back & Beyond

Monthly movies have returned to Neck, Back & Beyond, staring in January. Now that they are in their new location in Fairfax, these monthly offerings showcase some of the best health-related documentaries currently available. The next movie, That Sugar Film, will be shown at 7 p.m. on January 25. That Sugar Film started as one man’s journey to discover the ... Read More »

Illuminate Columbia Mind-Body-Spirit Festival in January

If you’ve ever wondered about trying reiki, acupuncture, massage, healing crystals, intuitive readings, astrology, essential oils or tarot (and more), the Illuminate Columbia Mind-Body-Spirit Festival from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on January 20 is a great place to start. The participating practitioners will conduct mini-sessions on a walk-up basis. Vetted intuitive readers, angel communicators, psychic mediums and astrologers will offer their ... Read More »

Conquer Doggy Breath Without Anesthesia

Maintaining a healthy mouth is essential to your pet’s wellness and is a quality of life issue—for both pet and owner. Pets stay healthier with periodic dental cleaning and even a daily home brushing does not remove everything. Most vets agree that most cats and dogs over the age of three have some degree of periodontal disease. Houndstooth dental hygienists ... Read More »

Nonagenarian Rockville Author Inspires Others

Rockville resident Frances Chavarria wrote an environmental awareness book, Let Us Dream of Turtles, to encourage people to protect the planet, and now is learning that her own personal story of publishing her first book at age 90, is inspiring people to follow their dreams as well. Through this love story of two people from very different cultures, Chavarria takes ... Read More »