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Getting Started In The New Year

by Barry Wind and Jeremy A. Pearce Many people look at the end of the year as time that has gotten away. Others might look at the coming new year as a great opportunity to do what’s right, get organized, and make next year better than the last, perhaps using a new year’s resolution or two. Lots of wonderful people ... Read More »

Mini Spotlights

Yoga 4 All Bodies Do you have a mind that runs constantly, find yourself slowing down physically or have aches and pains? You can be calmer, stronger, and more flexible with classes at Yoga 4 All Bodies in Reston. Most people know the benefits of regular mindfulness and exercise practices. Yoga is both. Patanjali says in the Yoga Sutras, “Yoga ... Read More »

Taking Back Your Power

The Obesity Endemic by Dr. Isabel Sharkar Obesity is reaching a global crisis point, where today one in five U.S. deaths is related to obesity. By 2025, an estimated 20 percent of the global adult population, 40 percent of British and nearly 45 percent of American adults will be obese. Carrying excess weight guarantees individuals to suffer from health problems such ... Read More »

Beyond the Big Box

A Spotlight on Amicus Green Building Center There is an undeniable trend in our area and throughout the country, where many individuals are beginning to understand that the path to wholeness is achieved beyond eating a healthy diet and getting the right amount of exercise. What goes into the body is just as important as the environment in which a ... Read More »

Label Reading for Weight Loss

By Gwyn Whittaker, CEO GreenFare Imagine eating as much as you want, whenever you want, without gaining weight. Using the whole-plant food lifestyle, you can get to an optimal weight and stay there without calorie counting or portion control. The secret is learning to eat only ingredients with no nutrition labels (fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans) and to carefully ... Read More »

Cannabis Sativa: The Healing Botanical

by Patricia C Frye, M.D. Whatever you thought about marijuana growing up during the era of “just say no”, I am asking you to set aside for just a moment. Consider that while some cannabis use may be part of a lifestyle of overindulgence, cannabis used in small doses can help create balance and homeostasis. What I am proposing is ... Read More »

Meditate Everywhere

How to Make America Great by Cullen Kowalski and Matt Willmott Cullen Kowalski knows that our elected leaders will not save us. The solution, he says, is to help guide an evolution in consciousness. Kowalski aims to act locally, but he is not thinking small. In 2013, he founded Samsara House 2023, a rowhouse in Bloomingdale, Washington, D.C., dedicated to ... Read More »

Almost Like Cheating on New Year’s Resolution to Get in Shape

The industry of body contouring and slimming without surgery has exploded in the past decade, such as the Zerona laser treatment, offered exclusively at Shaans Chiropractic, in Falls Church. Just in time to make good on that resolution to get in shape, Shaan’s is offering readers of Natural Awakenings a special promotion of 25 percent off their six or nine ... Read More »

The DC Dentist in Contention for Sustainability Award

“If everyone does a little we can do a lot to save our earth,” says Dr. Terry Victor of The DC Dentist. A finalist for the Department of Energy and Environment Sustainability People’s Choice Awards for 2016, The DC Dentist promotes the connection between oral health and overall health in a green environment. This Sustainability Award recognizes and encourages green ... Read More »

2017 Environmental Film Festival: 25 Years of Films for the Planet

The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, the largest and longest-running festival of its kind in the U.S., will commemorate its 25th anniversary this March. Marking a quarter-century of celebrating and defending earth through the power of film, the 2017 Festival, March 14 to 26, will focus its lens on a planet in transition, exploring what has happened over ... Read More »