Active Isolated Stretching

by James Graffenberg It’s interesting how ignorance, coupled with arrogance, can spark a natural awakening to evolve into highly valuable, useful knowledge and practice. This natural awakening may be easily accomplished by thinking outside of the box of so-called norms, the mainstream and conventional education. The previous terms may describe those under strict code of conformity and they may also ... Read More »

The Benefits of Dance for Parkinson’s Disease

by M.Teresa Vandergriff Since Parkinson’s disease affects both body (e.g., tremors and slow movements) and mind (e.g., depression and isolation), dance is one way to help improve movement and quality of life. One program, Dance for PD (DfPD) has professional dancers/teachers guide participants through safe moves in ballet, Broadway jazz, improvisation and other styles. In a 2015 study published in ... Read More »

An Interview with Steffany Moonaz

Earlier this year, Steffany Moonaz, Ph.D., RYT 500, won Maryland University of Integrative Health’s (MUIH) first annual Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award for her work on Sustainable Transformation: The Short and Long-Term Effects of a Yoga Intervention on Quality of Life for Persons with Arthritis. The award acknowledges an MUIH faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in research and/or ... Read More »

Proving That Age Is Nothing But A Number

The Amazing Story of Ernestine Shepherd by Robin Fillmore Ernestine Shepherd has been making the round­s—Oprah, Good Morning America, ABC News, Prevention, Essence, the Today Show—and for good reason. This Baltimore-native is a personal trainer and professional model, and was also bestowed by the Guinness World Records with the title World’s Oldest Performing BodyBuilder in 2010 and 2011. In July, ... Read More »

Save the Date for the Peace Love Yoga Festival

Last May, the Peace Love Yoga Festival broke new ground in Washington, D.C. by offering a radically different type of event that drew together hundreds of meditation and yoga enthusiasts of all ages to practice, learn and share joy and acceptance. This year from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on May 15, they will be in a bigger and more ... Read More »

Basketball Meets Yoga

The Gallaudet University men’s basketball team had their first class at Bikram Yoga Ivy City Tuesday last month. This is a growing trend as Bikram yoga is becoming increasingly popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts. Practicing Hatha Yoga postures (asanas) is the only natural physical activity where participants gain energy, instead of losing it. The Gallaudet Bisons participated in a ... Read More »

Barre Tone Studio: A Fitness Boutique For All Ages and Fitness Levels

  In this New Year, it is important to make time for what matters—not only in January as many tackle resolutions, but it is a good time to make changes that will last the whole year long. Because there is always a reason to be healthy, balanced or fit, it is a great time to explore the new offerings at ... Read More »

Barre Your Way to Better Fitness

Ballet-inspired Workouts Create Long and Lean Muscles by Lynda Bassett Imagine having a ballerina’s physique, grace, strength and flexibility. That’s the potential of barre. “Barre is a combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates principles. We use small, isometric movements to temporarily fatigue muscles and make them long and lean. The so-called fatigue is what causes muscles to shake, and therefore ... Read More »

FitDC Coach Carrye Brown Looks to the Past for a Healthier Future

by Catherine McCarthy It was a history lesson that made D.C. resident and FitDC Coach Carrye Brown, 63, reconsider what she was eating. “Three years ago, I decided I wanted to know what the enslaved people ate in the Middle Passage,” says Brown, referring to the stage of the Atlantic slave trade where captives were taken by ship to North ... Read More »

Ground Rules for Runners

A Guide for Running on All Terrains by April Thompson Many fitness-seekers run because it’s so simple and adaptable. Running can be done in groups, pairs or alone, with little equipment, skill or planning needed. Anyone can run virtually anytime, anywhere—an indoor treadmill, scenic trail, beach or sidewalk. But all surfaces are not created equal. Recently, opponents of running on ... Read More »