Lose Weight, Improve Body Composition, and Regain Health

Whether you are overweight or of normal weight, you should be aware of the impact body composition has on your health. An unhealthy body composition refers to carrying too much fat in comparison to lean (muscle) tissue. As this ratio increases, so do the health risks, and this often leads to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, ... Read More »

Dance Your Way Towards Health with Biodanza

In her 1997 landmark work, the late, great Dr. Candace Pert, author of one of the most important mind/body texts The Molecules of Emotion, talks about the mystery of human energy and refers to it as the “free flow of information carried by the bio-chemicals of emotion, the neuro-peptides and their receptors.” Pert also states that it is through touch, that stored ... Read More »

Preventing Osteoporosis Through Exercise

Women often want an exercise program to strengthen their bones. Before beginning such a program, it is recommended that they share a Bone Density Scan (DXA scan) with a professional health care or fitness trainer, to see where the majority of bone loss is and whether they have osteoporosis or osteopenia. Based on the results of the bone scan and ... Read More »

GirlPower Fitness Teams Up with Mindful Chef

Girl Power Fitness, a strength studio designed for women, has partnered with Mindful Chef by Power Supply, to offer fresh, healthy meals for pick-up. Mindful Chef delivers fresh, all-natural, nutritious and delicious prepared meals to Girl Power Fitness, 5028 Wisconsin Avenue, D.C.—between Fessenden and Garrison Streets—so you can get out of the kitchen, enjoy life and enhance your well-being. Overall ... Read More »

Power Supply – Fuel for a Powerful Life

Power Supply, provider of chef-driven prepared paleo meals, recently announced that it has joined forces with Mindful Chef, which delivers paleo-inspired and vegetarian meals to yoga and specialized fitness communities.   Under the Power Supply brand, the company will serve a variety of active lifestyle consumers, including those at CrossFit gyms, yoga studios, multi-program gyms and other intentional fitness communities, ... Read More »