Giving Thanks for CBD

by Katherine Leo In this month of thanks, it is a good time to share health success stories with cannabidiol or CBD and hear why so many are thankful for the cutting-edge research and tremendous relief offered by this safe, effective ancient healing remedy. Here are just a few of the many testimonials that have been received. I am thankful ... Read More »

Organic Skincare Products and Facials in Vienna

A Spotlight on Studio Pilar Nestled in her Vienna studio, Pilar is leading the way for women to uncover their true beauty by sharing her expertise and knowledge about natural and organic skin care products. For more than 14 years, Pilar has been discovering and sharing the real secrets of feeling beautiful by carefully cultivating a menu of products and ... Read More »

Whole-Plant Food 101

by Gwyn Whittaker “Three years on pain medication, and two weeks on this food, and all my pain is gone.” So begins only one person’s transformation to a whole-plant food lifestyle—one that millions are now embracing as they discover that growing older doesn’t have to mean pain, medication, obesity and chronic illness. As Dr. John McDougall likes to proclaim, “It’s ... Read More »

iRest Meditation: A Tool to Meet the Stress of Life and Increase Well-Being

Anxiety has become pandemic in our world today, impacting adults and children at exponential rates as the stresses and demands of daily life increase. Children are being diagnosed with anxiety disorders at younger ages and often treated with medications. At the same time, meditation is increasingly being incorporated into a number of health care and educational settings, as a way ... Read More »

One Breath at a Time

by Bonita Woods We have a primary need for oxygen—from our skin and lungs down to our cellular level. Even our molecules and atoms need us to breathe, Breathing keeps blood oxygenated so it can pump and flow through the body. Well-oxygenated blood also helps the body distribute and absorb vitamins, especially vitamins C, D and the B’s. Vitamins A and ... Read More »

Rose Wellness Center Welcomes Functional Chiropractor

Rose Wellness Center in Oakton, Virginia, is pleased to welcome Dr. Vishal Verma, DC, CCSP, to their team of integrative wellness practitioners. Verma provides functional chiropractic services for all kinds of chronic and acute pain management. As well as being a doctor of chiropractic, Verma is a board-certified chiropractic sports physician, specializing in orthopedics, biomechanical evaluation, neurology and rehabilitation services. ... Read More »

Unique Talents for Your Health

Neck Back & Beyond Healing Arts is excited to have the unique talents of Nathalie Depastas, MS, MMQG, LMT, Lic.AC on their wellness team. Depastas is a licensed acupuncturist, shiatsu, massage therapist and medical qigong practitioner with more than 30 years of experience. Qigong is a mind-body practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating postures, movement, breathing ... Read More »

Resolve Neck and Back Pain with Rolfing Structural Integration

The human body was not designed to be hunched for hours in the same position, whether at a computer at work or watching TV at home. This static position develops poor posture that can cause as much trouble as repetitive motions that strain muscles. When we sit for long periods, the resulting shape gets locked in the body’s fascia, the ... Read More »

Protection from Cool Weather Colds

By Laina Poulakos Now that the weather has begun to change, the cold and flu season is nearly upon us. Now is a good time to begin to supporting the immune system to stay protected in the months to come. Echinacea root is a great herb for supporting the immune system. It has a powerful effect on fighting viruses and ... Read More »

The Surface You Choose to Run On Matters

by Rachel Feidelman As summer finally comes to a close, and the unbearable heat becomes a thing of the past, getting cardio in outside of the gym is increasingly appealing. Exercising outdoors often leads people to expend more energy on their workout but feel as though it was less strenuous, in addition to improving overall mood. However, whether you are ... Read More »