Diabetes Cooking and Nutrition Course

The nonprofit Barnard Medical Center is offering Food for Life, a cooking and nutrition course to help people with type 2 diabetes, or pre-diabetes, put the latest medical research into immediate practice. Each class offers a cooking demonstration, and provides samples of delicious, diabetes-fighting dishes, along with a take-home packet of easy-to-prepare and affordable recipes. The course will be offered ... Read More »

Nubian Heritage Offers New Organic Skincare Options

Nubian Heritage’s line of luxurious bath, body and hair products—made from traditional recipes with authentic certified organic and natural ingredients for smoother, revitalized skin—has now been expanded, with a special discount available on the entire line this month. The African Black Soap Collection is made with palm ash, tamarind extract and plantain peel, and has been used in Africa for ... Read More »

How to Stay Healthy with Summer Barbecues

By Elizabeth McMillan, MS, CNS Summer is finally here along with the heat and that sizzling barbecue smell. We are all busy planning picnics filled with potato salad, pasta salad, brats, burgers, chips with dip and all kinds of fun treats and alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, the typical American barbecue feast is not ideal for our waistlines. The good news is ... Read More »

The Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Laugh if you’ve ever done laughter yoga! (ha ha ha) “Or, what is laughter yoga?” you might be wondering. Created in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, M.D. in Mumbai, India who researched the impact of laughter on health, laughter yoga lowers your cortisol levels, increases your oxytocin, releases endorphins, lowers your stress levels and creates other health benefits. Each session ... Read More »

Pumpkin Seeds: A Powerhouse for Men

By Laina Poulakos The delicious seed hidden inside the bright orange pumpkin is full of healthy properties. This small white seed is brimming with nutrients like iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, fiber and protein. These important nutrients are present in both raw and roasted pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds have long been valued as an important food for men’s health. Their high ... Read More »


By Katherine Leo When people think of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), most often they associate it with a veteran that has gone through some traumatic experience. However, there are many people who suffer from PTSD just from everyday life. Anxiety, depression and PTSD are pathologies that affect human beings in many aspects of life, including social life, productivity and health.  ... Read More »

Important New Test Helps Find Right Drug, Supplement and Dose

by Charles Gant, MD An important new test is now available which is fully covered by Medicare and insurance plans. It’s called a pharmacogenetic test, which uses genetic makeup to help the doctor determine what medications, supplements and dosages will work best for each patient. Since an individual’s genes do not change, each person needs to be tested only once ... Read More »

Tress Stress

Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss by Jody McCutcheon Ancient Egyptians sought to stem hair loss and stimulate hair growth with a cocktail of iron oxide, red lead, onions, alabaster, animal fats and honey. Today, we’re still deploying creative approaches. Men’s hair loss, specifically, is a billion-dollar industry, touting solutions ranging from chemically laced topical treatments and drugs to transplants and ... Read More »

Which Supplements to Take?

The Value of MicroNutrient Testing by Dr. Isabel Sharkar Every day we are flooded with health information on the latest super-food and vitamin supplement that we should be taking because it’s good for us. How do you know for sure if the supplements you are taking are right for you? This is complicated by the fact that taking more of ... Read More »

Does your Diet have you Inflamed?

by Elizabeth McMillan Inflammation is an immune reaction that is triggered in response to an infection or laceration. For instance, if there is a cut on your finger, the body sends out an alert to the immune system. This draws inflammatory cytokines to the area and the sight becomes red, tender and produces heat. This is an acute inflammation reaction ... Read More »