The Surprising Benefits of Papaya

by Laina Poulakos Papaya is a wonderful support for good digestion health. This delicious fruit is rich in many valuable proteolytic enzymes, such as papain, chymopapain and caricain which can help human bodies digest and process meat. This is useful because digesting meat proteins can be taxing on the pancreas and digestive system. This process can also cause unpleasant symptoms ... Read More »

Stress and Medical Cannabis

by Patricia C Frye, M.D. Tis the season to be jolly, but this time of year often brings more than good cheer. Shopping for the perfect gifts, finances stretched to the limit, travel, having houseguests, being a houseguest and other obligations of the season, while often enjoyable, can cause mental stress that can be detrimental to the body if allowed ... Read More »

How Leaky Gut Impacts Your Overall Health

A happy gut is a healthy gut. Gut health is extremely important to restore health. Oftentimes a leaky gut is found where the intestinal permeability is compromised. Molecules that are not supposed to pass through the cells that are lining the intestinal wall travel into the blood stream. This causes low-grade chronic inflammation. Gluten for example, in sensitive people, has ... Read More »

Dial Down Stress

How to Stay Calm and Cool by Lisa Marshall People with a stress-hardy mindset may temper stress as an “excite-and-delight “challenge in adventurous situations. Others “tend-and-befriend”, reaching out to help and comfort in times of tragedy. Studies show that when participants are told, “You’re the kind of person whose performance improves under pressure,” it does—by as much as one-third.~ Harvard ... Read More »

Understanding Nutraceuticals

How They Differ from Health-Store Supplements by Linda Sechrist Savvy consumers seeking products that might help them achieve and maintain good health may be noticing two new categories: medical food and nutraceuticals. Medicalized terminology is now being used to describe certain products we may already have been buying from brand-name dietary supplement companies and retailers, and they have a higher ... Read More »

Movie Night Returns to Neck, Back & Beyond

Monthly movies have returned to Neck, Back & Beyond, staring in January. Now that they are in their new location in Fairfax, these monthly offerings showcase some of the best health-related documentaries currently available. The next movie, That Sugar Film, will be shown at 7 p.m. on January 25. That Sugar Film started as one man’s journey to discover the ... Read More »

What is Ayurveda?

by Ranjana Chawla Many of the health problems that we have today stem from the fact that we have become more and more disconnected from our bodies. The choices we make – including what we eat, how we eat, what we do, how we handle stress and what we think – profoundly influence our health. Ayurveda science believes that every ... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana

by Dr. Isabel Sharkar The use of marijuana has been around in America since the 1840s. It was known that George Washington himself used to grow hemp. In 1937, cannabis oil was available over the counter and heavily used to treat a whole variety of ailments. That same year, the Marijuana Tax Act was passed and the anti-marijuana propaganda known ... Read More »

Herbal Support in Colder Weather

by Laina Poulakos Now that the weather has begun to change, cold and flu season is upon us as well. It’s a good time to think of an herb that can help the immune system stay strong. While there are several, echinacea root is a great herb for supporting the immune system during the colder time of the year. This ... Read More »

Comfort and Joy this Holiday Season with Essential Oils

The holiday season has a way of rattling us, no matter how determined we are that “this year is going to be different.” Family, finances, loneliness, shopping, depression, colds, flu parties and the overall idea that the month of December must be a Norman Rockwell painting, can bring us to our knees by the first week of January. Young Living ... Read More »