Detoxification – Can It Help?

By Dr. Sushma Hirani The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that almost a quarter of all global diseases are caused by environmental exposures. Nowadays we ingest new chemicals, use more drugs of all kinds and eat more sugar and refined foods. There are a number of toxins in our body including – Heavy metal toxins such as lead, mercury, ... Read More »

Join us for HealthFest 2016 – a Free Community Event

UPDATE – Because of the storm, we have rescheduled HealthFest 2016. The new date is Sunday, February 21 – starting at 12:30 pm. Stay tuned and get updates by registering here or follow our website found here.  ____________________________________________________ Bringing together the strength of several area medical groups and practices, integrative medical students, health coaches as well as Natural Awakenings, a ... Read More »

Why You Can’t Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

by Dr. Isabel Sharkar What is it that causes many people to disregard the New Year’s resolutions they just put into action? Hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose (sugar) levels, is one of the least-recognized disorders of modern times and one of the most common. Blood sugar does not have to fall below the clinical defining line for the effects of ... Read More »

Just In-Thyme

by Laina Poulakos We are all familiar with the herb thyme. Most of us are familiar with its ability to make Thanksgiving stuffing taste delicious, but it has many other benefits too. Thyme is a small, attractive herb with tiny leaves and purple flowers. It is easy to grow, thriving in rock gardens. This herb releases an aromatic fragrance in ... Read More »

Reduce Your Stress with Mindfulness This Winter

Winter classes start on January 24 for the GW Center for Integrative Medicine’s eight-week course “Reducing Stress with Mindfulness”. Based on the widely renowned program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the UMass Medical Center, this experiential course teaches new skills for reducing stress and managing pain, emphasizing mindfulness meditation and body-centered practices that awaken present moment awareness. Starter sessions and private mindfulness ... Read More »

Barre Tone Studio: A Fitness Boutique For All Ages and Fitness Levels

  In this New Year, it is important to make time for what matters—not only in January as many tackle resolutions, but it is a good time to make changes that will last the whole year long. Because there is always a reason to be healthy, balanced or fit, it is a great time to explore the new offerings at ... Read More »

Precision Medicine has Solutions to End Nicotine Addiction

Dr. Chas Gant, M.D., Ph.D, is offering a new series of monthly events for 2016 with the first event, Precision Medicine Solutions: Ending Nicotine Addiction offered as a free class or webinar from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. on January 24 at Life Line Counseling Center in Fairfax. Free testing will be available to all who attend in person. Precision Medicine is ... Read More »

Primary Care Has A New Definition for Washington, D.C.

A Spotlight on Barnard Medical Center Dr. Neal Barnard has been an internationally known researcher and physician for years as the author of 17 books, including the New York Times best-sellers Power Foods for the Brain, 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart, and the USA Today best-seller Dr. Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes, as well as his PBS specials, Protect Your Memory and Tackling Diabetes. Fortunately for area residents, ... Read More »

Maintaining Natural Bowel Health

by Tisha Claudia Lim  One of the most important keys to well-being is to maintain good and natural bowel health. This enables the body to get rid of waste and toxins and prevents illness in the long run. According to Everyday Health, the frequency of bowel movements depends on each individual. It is considered perfectly normal to have a bowel ... Read More »

Mint is More Than Candy

by Laina Poulakos During the holiday season, we all enjoy the great taste of peppermint in candy canes and hot cocoa. Next time you savor one of these treats take a moment to consider its history and health-promoting abilities. Mint has been used for more than 3,000 years for its medicinal properties. It is very useful in all types of ... Read More »