When Thyroid Hormones Fail Us – A Free Talk

Even though many women are taking thyroid hormones and their lab tests state that they are “normal”, up to 90 percent continue to suffer from many of the symptoms. Dr. Serena Satcher is offering a free wellness talk to help break out of this cycle by discussing the root causes of hypothyroidism and natural ways to overcome it. The talk ... Read More »

New Programs for Weight Management, Transitions and Mindfulness

John Mays is a certified wellness coach with unique skills to get you to your goals, regardless of your age or ability level. He is beginning three new programs in March for those looking to make a dramatic and lasting change in their lives. All of the programs are offered in at FitnessTogether, in Chantilly. The 12-Week Weight Management Hypnosis ... Read More »

Free Webinar on Hypothyroidism

About 20 million Americans suffer from some kind of thyroid disease, according to the American Thyroid Association.  Moreover, a large number of them are unaware of their thyroid disorder. To learn more about this condition, and to discover the ways that it can be treated naturally, join Natural Awakenings and Dr. Sushma Hirani, M.D., for a free, live webinar from 6:45 to ... Read More »

Concerned about Wireless Technologies: Attend this Screening of Generation Zapped

The Center for Safer Wireless is hosting the screening of the new documentary, Generation Zapped, with a discussion to follow. The screening will take place from 2 to 4 p.m. on March 11, at the Virginia Hospital Center, John. T. Hazel Conference Center, in Arlington. Everyone is welcome to attend. All living creatures, including humans, encounter 100,000 times the level ... Read More »

The World’s Healthiest Cuisines

What Five Countries Can Teach Us about Good Eating by Judith Fertig Americans love to explore ethnic cuisines and then put their own “more is better” spin on them, like a Chinese stir-fry turned into chop suey with fried rice or a pasta side dish super-sized into a whole meal. “We’ve Americanized dishes to the extent that they don’t have ... Read More »

Sunshine on Our Shoulders

Makes Us Happy and Healthy by Kathleen Barnes Ever since skin cancer scares penetrated the national psyche in the mid-1980s, Americans have been conditioned to cover up and slather on sunscreen when we leave the house. Now experts say we haven’t been doing ourselves a favor, even when strictly using all-natural formulas. We’ve been blocking the sun’s life-giving rays, essential ... Read More »

Embracing the Natural Spring Diet

by Elizabeth McMillan Spring is sprouting all around us. This is the time of year for a new beginning and the scenery around us has a youthful appearance. This holds true to the foods that we eat. After a long winter filled with dense foods, we start to crave crisp greens and youthful plants. We naturally eat less to cleanse ... Read More »

Hypnosis as a Tool for Weight Management

by John Mays Weight loss and weight management are the most common goals for many people. While the media promotes how easy losing weight can be, we all know that it is often difficult—to impossible—to achieve lasting weight-loss success. Most people have tried to count calories and exercise, but often the missing element is the ability to control the human ... Read More »

A Mighty Herb: St. John’s Wort

by Laina Poulakos St. John’s Wort has been effectively used to treat depression, anxiety, PMS and menopause. As a medicinal herb used for its antidepressant properties, it has been used for more than 2000 years. More recently, it has been found that St. John’s Wort can be helpful in relieving addictive behaviors. Also, it has been proven to help prevent ... Read More »

Moving Meditations

by Dr. Allan Tomson When most people hear the word meditation, they think of sitting on the floor with legs crossed in quiet contemplation. However, there are other ways to explore as one works to quiet the mind. Used for centuries as well, moving meditation is a way of being in mindful, yet moving through space—albeit more slowly and focused. ... Read More »