The heart is the bridge to our upper and lower energy centers (the chakras), and it is the connection to our inner and outer lives.  A well-established heart connection helps us to be more creative, it allows for wise decision making, and makes for more harmonious relationships. The heart is the keeper of our inner treasures.  It holds the gems ... Read More »

How Chinese Medicine Can Help Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

From a Chinese medicine perspective, depression and anxiety can be understood as a disturbance to the shen, or roughly translated, our spirit. When shen is disturbed, manifestations might include a feeling of lack of meaning in one’s life, an inability to connect to other people, feelings of worthlessness and inauthenticity, self-loathing or a lack of energy among other things. Moreover, ... Read More »

Explore the Sacred Feminine with Kris O’Shee

Psychotherapist, Kris O’Shee brings together three passions in her practice that focus on supporting women: dance, mind-body medicine and the rich history of the sacred feminine. Women often experience a gap in their lives today, a longing that hovers just beneath their consciousness. Through O’Shee’s research into prehistoric images of goddesses and the feminine spirit, and in her work as ... Read More »

GirlPower Fitness Teams Up with Mindful Chef

Girl Power Fitness, a strength studio designed for women, has partnered with Mindful Chef by Power Supply, to offer fresh, healthy meals for pick-up. Mindful Chef delivers fresh, all-natural, nutritious and delicious prepared meals to Girl Power Fitness, 5028 Wisconsin Avenue, D.C.—between Fessenden and Garrison Streets—so you can get out of the kitchen, enjoy life and enhance your well-being. Overall ... Read More »

Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman Discuss Love Your Enemies

Leading meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg and Tibetan Buddhist scholar, Tenzin Robert Thurman will tackle the gold standard of spiritual topics from their new book Love Your Enemies, on October 14 at Friends Meetinghouse in Dupont Circle, D.C. Mixing ancient Buddhist wisdom, modern psychology and the latest neuroscience, they will address the real sources of rage and fear and offer practical solutions ... Read More »

Conscious Cooking and Enlightened Eating

On October 11 to 13, enjoy a fun, relaxing and informative weekend of hands-on cooking classes and demos, mindful eating, yoga and meditation—all designed to nourish the body, mind and spirit. Gilah Rosner, clinical pathologist turned herbalist and Debbie Arnster, integrative nutritionist and health educator, will teach you how to easily prepare delicious health-supporting foods and how to utilize nutritional principles to ... Read More »

Ageless Grace® Seminar and Educator Certification

Janie Peterson, fitness professional and national trainer, will offer a personal practice seminar, followed by educator/teacher certification, the weekend of November 15 to 17. Based upon the cutting edge science of neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to change no matter what age, the  Ageless Grace® program consists of 21 simple tools for lifelong comfort and ease. Movements are done in a ... Read More »

Tending the Heart Fire Retreat with Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea is coming to our area to offer a weekend retreat, Living in Rhythm with the Pulse of Life: A Rasa Vinyasa Transformative Retreat, in which participants from across the country will come to experience depth, renewal and cultivation of inner passion, inspiration and the capacity for living love. The retreat, offered by Ananda Shala, a full spectrum mind-body ... Read More »

Cow’s Milk—Does NOT Do a Body Good

Many people visit their doctors, claiming to be intolerant, sensitive or severely allergic to cow’s milk, yet these same patients have been able to travel to France and indulge in French cheese without any symptom presentation. Cow’s milk is made up of three parts—fat or cream, whey and milk solids. The milk solids are potentially the most problematic, specifically the ... Read More »