Life-Changing Journey to Peru

Bringing together ancient traditions of healing and spiritual practice from around the world, Heart of the Mother Retreats provide the opportunity for seekers to enter into deep communion with the ancient plant sacrament, Ayahuasca, while being fully supported by experienced facilitators. Held in a safe and loving space, Ayahuasca ceremonies bring profound healing and understanding through a process of surrender ... Read More »

How Qigong Healed a Wounded September 11 Firefighter

by Jonathan Henderson On duty the morning of September 11, 2001, New York city firefighter Jonathan Henderson searched for lost friends after the World Trade Center Tower collapsed and then volunteered for 30 days of 12-hour shifts to recover their remains. 343 firefighters died that day and the death toll is still climbing as a result of breathing in toxic ... Read More »

A Foundation of Healing Presence

by Tyme Gigliotti Connect with the patient’s spirit so the body will heal. The importance of this simple concept was once highly valued among physicians, but has become understated or omitted entirely in much of medical education to make room for additional science courses. Yet, today the value of relationship-centered care is becoming more appreciated in all areas of health ... Read More »

Buff and Balanced

Bodybuilders Turn to Yoga by Aimee Hughes We don’t typically envision iron-pumping bodybuilders also flowing and breathing through yoga postures, yet many are combining these complementary disciplines to realize huge benefits. Competitive Edge Nicolina Sandstedt, a yoga teacher trainer and anatomy expert with the Yandara Yoga Institute, in Baja, Mexico, observes, “The body awareness and alignment focus that the practice ... Read More »

An Evening With Panache Desai

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life by Troy Fridy What if you could change your world by simply changing the energy that surrounds you or find the harmony that comes with self-acceptance? In the process, you discover your life’s purpose and the boundless possibilities that await you. All now have the opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind evening designed to do ... Read More »

Marie Kondo on the Joy of Tidying Up

Simplicity Invites Happiness into Our Lives by April Thompson Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo helps us discover happiness through tidiness. Already perusing home and lifestyle magazines by age 5, she spent her childhood “tidying” up her surroundings rather than playing with toys.. The organizing system Kondo went on to develop, the KonMari method, defies most long-held rules of organizing, such ... Read More »

By Any Greens Necessary

An Interview with Tracye McQuirter Natural Awakenings D.C. publisher Robin Fillmore recently had the opportunity to talk with this national best-selling author, public health nutritionist, international speaker and D.C. neighbor about her trailblazing work to change the way we eat and think about healthy food –as a matter of social justice.  RF: Describe your journey to become a vegan. How has ... Read More »

Awakening to Spirit

Prayer and Meditation Heal and Free Us by Richard Davenport By its intimate connection with divine love, Spirit infuses human experience with qualities of amazing grace—unexpected clarity, vision, wisdom, peace, compassion, emotional release, inspirational epiphanies, deep understanding and comprehensive healing of mind, body and soul. While society abounds with scientific research, products and practices that promise to enhance our mind ... Read More »

Green Congregations

Faith Groups Join in Preserving All Creation by Avery Mack The simple act of switching on a bulb can light a room; preaching that humans are caretakers of the Earth can enlighten a community. “How are we faithful to God’s creation?” asks Diana Butler Bass, Ph.D., author of Grounded: Finding God in the World—A Spiritual Revolution, in Alexandria, Virginia. “The ... Read More »

A New Understanding of Prayer

by Rev. Sylvia Sumter What makes us a whole person? It has been said that we are spirit, mind and body—a threefold being. Yet, how much time and attention do we devote to each facet of our nature? It is safe to say that for the most part, we are aware of and perhaps even consumed with the notion of ... Read More »