The Maid Brigade Offers a Green Way to Clean Your Home

by Samantha Hudgins Maid Brigade, in business since 1979, made a commitment to green cleaning in 2007 and has been a Green America-approved business ever since. In every aspect of the business, Maid Brigade takes seriously its commitment to create the safest indoor environment in their clients’ homes, as well as in their office. To become Green America-approved, a company ... Read More »

Washington Waldorf Offers New “Waldorf in the Woods” Program

            In an era when young children are increasingly being pushed into early academics, many educators are pointing to the value of play, especially the value of playing outdoors, for young learners. Indeed there is a growing “nature deficit” among young children, with harmful consequences for long-term development. Children need to play and they love ... Read More »

Share the LOVE: Partner Yoga on Valentine’s Day

Nya Alemayhu is hosting a Valentine’s Day partner yoga practice from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, February 14th at the Buddha B Yoga Center. Love is the largest energy current that runs through you. When you are living and acting from your heart center, you are nourishing not only yourself, but also those around you.  If you practice yoga, you understand ... Read More »

Mind-Body Week Supporting New Treatment of Pain

There is a new medical standard of care for the treatment of pain, and it does not involve medications or surgery.  This revolution in health care, Healing Pain with Mind/Body Therapies: Self Care Modalities of Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi/Chi Gong, is the theme of Mind-Body Week, D.C. to be held April 17 to 19 at the Silver Spring Civic Center, The ... Read More »

Nutrition and Health Workshop Series with Personal Consultation

Understanding healthy eating has become more and more confusing for anyone interested in improving their health. Join Julie Wendt, M.S. Integrative Health and Nutrition, for a four-part series that will clarify which foods support healthy weight and how to integrate them into your lifestyle. Wendt will also discuss lifestyle habits that support health and improve quality of life. The series ... Read More »

Oneness-Family School Offers Parent Tours, Montessori and Mindfulness for Children

Area parents are invited to Oneness-Family School on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30 a.m. to learn about the school’s time-tested Montessori and mindfulness curricula that sustain each child’s optimal development from age two through middle school. This local international school uses the term “peace academy” to describe how its emphasis on individual learning, both academic and social, respects each child’s uniqueness and ... Read More »

Grow Your Health: A Gardening, Local Food & Wellness Festival

by Pam Snyder An all-day festival on backyard gardening? Well, yes, but not exactly. The third annual Grow Your Health Festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 28 at Woodson High School, just east of Fairfax City. They will be offering 12 hours of classes on gardening and nutrition, showing the new award-winning film ... Read More »

Two-Hour Asana Practice and Intention Setting Workshop

New Year’s Eve is a beautiful opportunity to sit and reflect on the year that has passed, the lessons that were learned and also to set clear goals and intentions for what will manifest in the New Year. Join Nya Alemayhu for a 2-hour practice and intention setting workshop on December 31 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Buddha B Yoga Center in Washington, ... Read More »

Mind-Body Week Returns

The Mindfulness Center will once again host Mind-Body Week, D.C.  This year’s theme is “Treating Pain with Mind-Body Therapies: Self-Care Modalities of Meditation, Yoga and Tai-Chi/Qigong”. Mind-Body Week, D.C. will be held April 17 to 19 at the Silver Spring Civic Center and at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda. On Friday, presentations will feature prominent researchers, including Dr. Sara Lazar ... Read More »

Campaign to end Pesticides in MoCo

Safe Grow Montgomery is pleased that lawmakers have listened to residents, businesses and organizations across Montgomery County concerning unwanted exposure to harmful lawn pesticides. The bill proposes to restrict the use of certain harmful synthetic lawn pesticides, including herbicides, insecticides and others used for non-essential aesthetic purposes on manicured grasses. It will still allow pesticide use for agriculture, invasive species, ... Read More »