Beth Lindley: Bringing Health and Wellness to a Corporate Kitchen Near You

Beth Lindley is on a mission to bring healthy eating and wellness to area businesses and their employees in an innovative way—through their corporate kitchen. Most offices have a designated space for employees to warm up their prepared meals or gather around a table to share the midday meal—many times eating unhealthy fast food. Lindley’s unique approach is to provide ... Read More »

Terri Neff Metin: A Partner in Transforming Lives and Homes

When a potential homebuyer or seller meets Terri Neff Metin for the first time, they quickly notice that they have encountered a mighty force who has the potential of making so many of their dreams come true. Metin has been a leading Realtor in this area for a number of years, helping her clients to understand the process of buying ... Read More »

The Maid Brigade Offers a Green Way to Clean Your Home

by Samantha Hudgins Maid Brigade, in business since 1979, made a commitment to green cleaning in 2007 and has been a Green America-approved business ever since. In every aspect of the business, Maid Brigade takes seriously its commitment to create the safest indoor environment in their clients’ homes, as well as in their office. To become Green America-approved, a company ... Read More »

Sushma Hirani, MD

Sushma Hirani, MD, specializes in functional and integrative medicine to treat chronic diseases. She has a special interest in women’s health care, natural hormone balancing and detoxification.   Rose Wellness Center 2944 Hunter Mill Rd., Ste 101, Oakton, VA 571-529-6699 Read More »

Connecting People to Their Own Healing: the Work of Laura Freix

Laura Freix, a local wellness practitioner and owner of iEmbrace Wellness in Centreville, Virginia, has a vision:  “embrace what is, and focus on what’s possible” when it comes to health and healing. Her mission is to empower and educate her clients on the mind-body connection primarily through the use of an energy healing system called Accunect. This system is invaluable ... Read More »

Bringing New Ways of Healing to Manassas and Beyond: Rising Phoenix Holistic Center

by Robin Fillmore Rising Phoenix Holistic Center is a new and welcome addition to historic Manassas City, located just behind the train station. Opening only this past summer, the center has become the hub for many throughout the greater Washington, D.C. area who are seeking new answers to questions on a wide range of topics related to healing, personal growth ... Read More »

Healing Through the Amazon: Dr. Isabel Sharkar

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Isabel Sharkar has the opportunity to practice many healing services that take into account the mind, body and soul as a whole. Recently, she was able to experience a mind, body and soul transformation herself, through an ancient journey with ayahuasca. Ayahuasca, found in the Amazon jungle of South America, is a medicinal plant that ... Read More »

City Acupuncture Circle

By Jess Snow City Acupuncture Circle sits on the 5th floor of the building above Lucky Bar, at the intersection of 18th and Connecticut in the heart of one of DC’s more affluent city sub-districts. Just at the top of a narrow, wooden stairway, the 5-bed office resonates with an unspoken calm and purity that is punctuated only by the ... Read More »

A Green Practice Produces Pearly Whites

by Robin Fillmore There is nothing halfway about Dr. Terry Victor, known throughout the community as The DC Dentist. In addition to seeing patients full-time and maintaining a monthly commitment to additional training in his field of holistic and biological dentistry, Victor is committed to generating practices that are good for business as well as the planet. When Victor and ... Read More »