Magic Wand Murals

A Spotlight on Nancy Illman Nancy Illman has been painting interior murals for 25 years, and sees it as a healing modality. “I do reiki and I paint walls, and in my mind, the two practices are closely aligned; they’re both ways I can enhance people’s enjoyment of their life. People think of art therapy as a creative method of ... Read More »

Beyond the Big Box

A Spotlight on Amicus Green Building Center There is an undeniable trend in our area and throughout the country, where many individuals are beginning to understand that the path to wholeness is achieved beyond eating a healthy diet and getting the right amount of exercise. What goes into the body is just as important as the environment in which a ... Read More »

Meditate Everywhere

How to Make America Great by Cullen Kowalski and Matt Willmott Cullen Kowalski knows that our elected leaders will not save us. The solution, he says, is to help guide an evolution in consciousness. Kowalski aims to act locally, but he is not thinking small. In 2013, he founded Samsara House 2023, a rowhouse in Bloomingdale, Washington, D.C., dedicated to ... Read More »

Non-Surgical Body Slimming and Contouring in Falls Church

The industry of body contouring and slimming without surgery has exploded in the past decade. This is particularly good news for those men and women who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly but are still unable to rid themselves of stubborn fat areas, primarily in the thighs, hips and waist. The wildly popular, FDA-approved Zerona laser treatment is now ... Read More »

Organic Skincare Products and Facials in Vienna

A Spotlight on Studio Pilar Nestled in her Vienna studio, Pilar is leading the way for women to uncover their true beauty by sharing her expertise and knowledge about natural and organic skin care products. For more than 14 years, Pilar has been discovering and sharing the real secrets of feeling beautiful by carefully cultivating a menu of products and ... Read More »

Mini Spotlights – Natural Beauty

Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine Since 1994, Teresa Boardwine, RH, AHGI, has been on a mission to educate and empower others to heal themselves using herbal medicine—both on the inside and outside—through the Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine. Boardwine, the founder of the school and an herbalist for 22 years, she also is registered with the American Herbalist ... Read More »

A Conscious Collaborative

A Spotlight on Helicon Works Architecture by Sam Hudgins Most people would label Helicon Works Architecture (HWA) collaborative as green or sustainable. However, founder and principle architect Bill Hutchins prefers to think of it simply as architecture with a conscious. He notes, “For me, it should just be good architecture.” Officially opening in 1989, Helicon Works Architecture morphed into a ... Read More »

The Yoga of Awareness

Spotlight on Raj Yoga Center by Sam Hudgins Raj Yoga Center opened as a community owned nonprofit in 1975 with one focus—to teach and share Kundalini yoga. Known as the “yoga of awareness”, Kundalini yoga offers innumerable physical, spiritual and mental benefits, and can be practiced by all ages and abilities. Some of the rewards Kundalini offers include increased flexibility, ... Read More »

Yoga Mini Spotlights

Bikram Yoga  From their first location in Riverdale Park in Maryland, which opened in February 2014, through the expansion into two additional locations, in Ivy City (DC in September 2015) and Takoma Park (Maryland in December 2015), Bikram Yoga owner, Kendra Blackett-Dibinga is a woman on a mission to bring yoga to many different areas of the DMV. At these ... Read More »

Empowering and Educating on Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness in Falls Church

A Spotlight on Bonita Woods Wellness Institute by Robin Fillmore Bonita Woods has carefully woven together a collection of healers that brings new meaning to the term “health support”. From her nonprofit organization, the Bonita Woods Wellness Institute, she works with those who are seeking relief from a variety of concerns. Woods approaches the task from the stance of educating ... Read More »