The Wonders of Jasmine

The Wonders of Jasmine

The sensual and exotic fragrance of jasmine flowers helped Cleopatra to woo Marc Antony. In India, jasmine is revered as sacred to Vishnu and the flowers are often strung into garlands for votive offerings in religious ceremonies.  Throughout the world, jasmine is used in many fine perfumes. It is very time consuming and uses a large amount of jasmine flowers to produce even small amount.

Beyond the wonderful aroma of jasmine, essential oil made from the flowers are useful in relieving symptoms of many ailments. Known as an aphrodisiac, jasmine can aid in resolving impotence in men and frigidity in women. It is also a uterine tonic reducing menstrual cramps and has the ability to strengthen contractions, making it one of the best oils used in child birth.

Jasmine also is very beneficial to the nervous system as it is a great stress reliever. The uplifting aroma of jasmine is soothing to the nerves and can help with depression.

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