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Local Biodanza Leader Teaching at Kripalu

Michelle Dubreuil Macek, known for leading Biodanza throughout greater Washington, D.C., will be sharing her wisdom as an instructor at the renowned holistic retreat center, Kripalu, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The course, which runs June 19 to 22, is open to all levels of experience. In her classes, Macek helps participants to embrace, explore and expand into a deeper connection to ... Read More »

Biodanza East Coast USA

410-736-9311 [email protected] Join us for personal development through a fusion of authentic movement, awesome music, and heartfelt emotions.  A safe space for you to feel and dance organically all of the untapped potential within you. See ad, page [??]. Read More »

Biodanza and the Poetry of Human Encounter

I happened upon Biodanza during a very low point in my life. I was seven years into a fourteen-year journey in Africa, having given up my secure, independent life in the US and a tenured teaching job that defined me. I had married and had two children, but had lost myself somewhere along the way in the morass of new ... Read More »

Dance Your Way Towards Health with Biodanza

In her 1997 landmark work, the late, great Dr. Candace Pert, author of one of the most important mind/body texts The Molecules of Emotion, talks about the mystery of human energy and refers to it as the “free flow of information carried by the bio-chemicals of emotion, the neuro-peptides and their receptors.” Pert also states that it is through touch, that stored ... Read More »

Come Feast on the JOY Diet rEVOLution

Are you looking to embrace more joy into your daily life and not quite sure how to go about it?  Treat and honor yourself to a great start in 2014 and let the JOY Diet rEVOLution be your gift to yourself. Set aside some time each week to come play, discover and tap into the magic of life, by calling in and ... Read More »