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Letter From the Publisher

Dear Friends, Today, most women are looking beyond conventional medicine alone to keep themselves well—by optimizing their health, preventing illness and treating acute and chronic conditions naturally. A holistic approach includes diet, exercise, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, stress reduction and self-care, as well as spiritual renewal. The women in my life remind me that they are becoming more aware that most ... Read More »

Peter Sagal on Running Toward Mindfulness

by Randy Kambic The 5 million faithful listeners of National Public Radio’s award-winning weekly broadcast Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! know that 20-year host Peter Sagal infuses wit and wisdom into his views of the news and the world. In his new book, The Incomplete Book of Running, he brings his trademark humor to a memoir that posits running as ... Read More »

Vision Quest

Eat a Rainbow of Color for Healthy Eyes by Melinda Hemmelgarn One of the best ways to protect and preserve our precious eyesight is to focus on food. In general, the same plant-based, antioxidant-rich diets that defend against heart disease and cancer also contribute to eye health by reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration—the two most common age-related ... Read More »

Plants Talk

Discover Their Secret Language by April Thompson While flowers are known to lean toward light, a growing body of research is demonstrating plants also respond to sounds and scents—and then herald the news to their neighbors. Far from being passive life forms, members of the plant kingdom are adept at interacting with their environments and with each other. “Plants don’t ... Read More »

Toxic Legacy

Breast Implant Warriors Unite by Linda Sechrist The U.S. Surgeon General’s warning on cigarettes hasn’t prevented individuals from smoking, nor has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list of risks and complications associated with breast implants kept women from undergoing voluntary breast augmentation. Since 1997, the number of saline- and silicone-filled breast implant surgeries has tripled. According to the ... Read More »

Probiotics and Woman’s Health

by Allan Tomson, DC When we talk about women’s health, one might first want to consider female hormones; or we can look at the glandular system, such as the pituitary adrenal axis, the thyroid- pancreas, or the importance of the liver that does so much to detox and protect the body. However, there is a trending topic in women’s health ... Read More »

Her Soul in Bloom

Self-Care for All Stages of Life by Marlaina Donato To be female is to be blessed with an innate gift for multitasking, but in our fast-paced, jam-packed world, daily life for most women is a juggling act that can come with a steep price tag if self-care isn’t on the to-do list. Depression, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed are all too ... Read More »

Got Hormones?

by Elizabeth McMillan, CNS, LDN Do you ever feel like you are going crazy or have mood swings? Perhaps your menstrual cycle govern your mood and well-being, or you are having hot flashes or terrible menstrual cramps. Maybe you are so tired that you cannot get out of bed, or have steep dips in energy in the afternoon. Many of ... Read More »

The Mother Our Souls Need

Connecting With the Energy That Made Us by Christiane Northrup This Mother’s Day, I want to tell you about a different way to think about your mother and about yourself—a way that is deeply true and liberating, no matter what is going on with your mother. On a soul level, we’re old friends with our mothers. And they signed up ... Read More »

When Emotions Are Physical

Bodywork for Trauma and Grief by Marlaina Donato Massage is often associated with spa-like pampering, yet it is also an effective therapy for reducing physical and emotional pain. Bodywork can lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones, which in turn helps to balance blood sugar and boost immunity. A surge of the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine is also a ... Read More »