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Letter From the Publisher

Dear Friends, As I write this letter the day after an outdoor barbecue for Father’s Day, I’m anticipating how fun July is for us in the Washington, D.C. area—as the schools close and the pools open. I overhear joyful conversations from families as they plan their yearly summer vacations and know that fun is on the horizon. July seems to ... Read More »

Exercise to Sleep By

Quell Insomnia and Nighttime Anxiety  by Marlaina Donato Insomnia plagues millions of Americans, and finding a solution can be difficult when the condition is chronic. Prolonged lack of quality sleep compromises health and sets the stage for depression, high blood pressure, obesity, inflammation, poor memory and even serious risk of heart attack. The good news is that natural alternatives, especially ... Read More »

Lovelight—More Than a Yoga Festival

by Robin Fillmore The Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival returns again this September to spread love and yoga for a third amazing season. This year, the nationally recognized festival will once again weave together not just another festival, but an opportunity to build on the emerging consciousness that individual’s voices. Festival-goers, when joined for the good of the planet and ... Read More »

Four Steps to Authentic Living

How to Live a Deeply Joyful Life by Jan Desai 1. Connect with the inner voice. Uncovering authenticity comes from within. We learn to discern and heed the inner voice of wisdom through daily silence, a still space that allows messages to resonate. This ever-present guidance system is always spot on. The key is to connect often. Be grateful for ... Read More »

Natural Approach to Dealing with Chronic Digestive Disorders

by Sushma Hirani, M.D. We are what we eat. Our digestive system provides nutrition for every cell in our body and plays a critical role in our immune system. A “sick” digestive system results in an increase in chronic and degenerative diseases and a steady decline of health and well-being. What Is Digestion? Digestion is the process by which food ... Read More »

Fast-Food Nation

by Allan Tomson, DC Picture the 1960s—the fast food industry with its assembly-line-style food preparation is ramping up and convenience is pushed on the consumer as the next best thing. Instant gratification is the gold standard. This sets the stage for what we now know as the “Standard American Diet.” It is highly processed and full of unhealthy fats and ... Read More »

What is Psycho-Bio-Acupressure?

Psycho-Bio-Acupressure (PBA) is a method that was developed by Dr. Pierre-Noël Delatte in the 1990s. The effective technique releases emotional blockages that can disrupt our lives by preventing us from being ourselves. It’s quick, easy and painless. A psycho-bio-acupressure session involves two steps. First, the practitioner will rebalance the patient’s energy by stimulating acupressure points in the form of circuits. ... Read More »

Nature’s Golden Ray

by Dr. Isabel Sharkar Without vitamin D, specifically vitamin D3, your immune system will not be healthy. In addition to maintaining healthy calcium levels, vitamin D regulates hormone secretion and keeps the immune system robust. Vitamin D regulates the function of a variety of tissues and almost all tissues in your body have specific vitamin D receptors. Vitamin D lowers ... Read More »

Organic Farmers Growing America’s Health

Restoring the Nutritional Value of Crops by Melinda Hemmelgarn When searching online for images of scientists, pictures of men and women in white lab coats peering into microscopes fill the screen. What’s missing are farmers. Our society doesn’t tend to equate the two, yet farmers are active field scientists. How they choose to grow and produce food greatly impacts our ... Read More »

Better Options than Opioids

Natural Ways to Reduce Pain by Kathleen Barnes Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans, with annual treatment costs reaching $635 billion, according to the Institute of Medicine. Worse, opiate-derived pain medications, conventional medicine’s go-to treatment for chronic pain, are addictive and deadly. The Annals of Internal Medicine reports that an estimated 2 million Americans suffered from opioid use disorder involving ... Read More »