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Dance the 5Rhythms in Bethesda

5 Rhythms, a dynamic dance/movement practice, will be offered by Margaret H. Wagner, a 5Rhythms certified teacher, at Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club in Bethesda at 8 p.m., on Friday, February 21. The 5Rhythms is rooted in the principle that if the psyche is put in motion, it will heal itself. Rather than having specific steps to follow, each ... Read More »

Sharon Salzberg Teaches How to Grow Happiness at Work

Is happiness at work the final frontier for healthy living? Many of us spend more waking hours working than doing anything else. Relationships with colleagues play a significant role in whether we feel fulfilled, and work issues are among our greatest challenges in achieving happiness, says Sharon Salzberg, author of the New York Times bestseller Real Happiness. Salzberg’s readers and ... Read More »

Healing Starts From Within – Dahn Yoga Center

For some, yoga is about strength, others breathing or flexibility. At Dahn Yoga Center, yoga is about energy. Originating in Korea, the practice of Dahn yoga combines stretching, flowing movement, deep breathing exercises and meditation to develop the body’s physical, mental and spiritual health. Dahn means life force, or energy, so it is no wonder why Dahn Yoga offers yoga ... Read More »

Gretchen Rubin in Washington D.C.

Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project, is part research project, part self-help book. She took the subject of happiness, reviewed research, read the great thinkers and then, presented to her readers, a gem that offers wonderful insights and practical tools to find happiness in your own life. In so doing, Rubin has become an inspirational voice, spurring her readers to ... Read More »

Crash and Burn

There are two triangle-shaped glands sitting on top of your kidneys, responsible for regulating your body’s response to stress by releasing cortisol. Cortisol is the main adrenal hormone used to manage stress. These glands receive a lot of abuse, due to the prevalent chronic stress we encounter every day. If you are reaching for your morning cup of coffee in ... Read More »

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Dear Readers, For many of us, January is the time of the year when we take stock of the year that has just passed, and imagine new possibilities for the days to come. I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, knowing that the average life span of these lofty goals to lose weight, wake up ... Read More »

Krishna Das in Concert

Following the studio recording of his new album, Krishna Das kicks off his tour of the United States at 7:30 p.m., on March 26, at the University of DC. From the first heart-opening sounds of the concert, as the harmonium blends with the unmistakable voice of Krishna Das, something stirs deep within. One knows immediately—this will be a soulful evening. Layering ... Read More »

Become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor

Ayurveda is enjoying a reawakening in the west and affords much extraordinary knowledge and many opportunities for practice, career development and service to humanity. For the first time, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor certification course is being offered in Washington, D.C., by Neva Ingalls, director of the Inner Domain Teacher Training Programs ( This 500-hour certification course is designed to help ... Read More »

Representing Your Life: A New Approach to Personal Change

Harrison Snow, director of Team Building Associates, will lead a Family Constellation Workshop at the Bridge Between Worlds Retreat Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, January 25-26, and a weeklong workshop at the same location April 20-25. Snow has been facilitating personal and professional growth workshops and trainings since 1974. He has facilitated workshops and trainings for international organizations in 24 countries ... Read More »

The Sister Circle: A Unique Service for Women

A free-flowing group discussion led by Dr. Theresa Ford is held monthly, so that any woman desiring to connect with other women and share experiences can participate. The Sister Circle meets for 90 minutes on the third Thursday of each month, at Seekers Church in Northwest, Washington, D.C., near the Takoma Metro. The cost to participate in the Sister Circle ... Read More »