The Power of Numbers: Group Fitness

When going to the doctor for a yearly checkup, being told to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day is pretty standard advice. When told to do so, the image of endless rows of treadmills at the gym often comes to mind. However, taking fitness from a personal requirement to a group interest proves extreme benefits. Group fitness, whether ... Read More »

The Surface You Choose to Run On Matters

by Rachel Feidelman As summer finally comes to a close, and the unbearable heat becomes a thing of the past, getting cardio in outside of the gym is increasingly appealing. Exercising outdoors often leads people to expend more energy on their workout but feel as though it was less strenuous, in addition to improving overall mood. However, whether you are ... Read More »

A Taste of Tai Chi

POSTPONED DUE TO RAIN FORECAST We are sorry to say that this event on October 8  has been postponed because of the impending rain. Please check back next week for a NEW DATE! Join your neighbors and friends for a free class (or two) in Tai Chi with well-known local teacher, Joanne Chang, at Fairview Park, in Silver Spring. The ... Read More »

Aerial Alchemy

by Nahla Tebcherany and Jessica Snow During an asana in your favorite yoga class, have you ever wondered how much deeper you could go, if your feet could stack differently, or your hips could open more gracefully, or even your shoulders reach back more freely? Gravity plays such a big role in our asana practice, but when our body structure ... Read More »

Free Classes in Doonya, Bollywood-Inspired Dance

Take an hour of your morning on September 17 and  25 to get inspiration from the wonderful and exuberant dance of India. These free classes will be offered from 11 a.m. to noon at the Elm Street Park, in downtown Bethesda. Doonya is an opportunity to celebrate the body as you get your daily cardio. The energy and expressions of ... Read More »

Just Walk

30 Minutes a Day Boosts Well-Being by Randy Kambic Even mainstream media have picked up on the many physical and mental benefits of walking, including weight loss, reduced stress, increased energy and better sleep, and that’s only the beginning. These additional compelling effects may well catalyze us to consistently step out for a daily walk, understanding that cumulative steps count, ... Read More »

Qigong for Veterans: Why Do They Love Getting High

Todd Nichols has actively shared qigong and power breathing at veteran facilities for five years with outstanding results. Anger and alcoholism are the norm for veterans and Nichols is breaking through by getting them high naturally. Additionally, Nichols shares qigong at several drug rehab centers and even with baker acted patients, which refers to military patients who deny treatment and ... Read More »

Active Isolated Stretching

by James Graffenberg It’s interesting how ignorance, coupled with arrogance, can spark a natural awakening to evolve into highly valuable, useful knowledge and practice. This natural awakening may be easily accomplished by thinking outside of the box of so-called norms, the mainstream and conventional education. The previous terms may describe those under strict code of conformity and they may also ... Read More »

The Benefits of Dance for Parkinson’s Disease

by M.Teresa Vandergriff Since Parkinson’s disease affects both body (e.g., tremors and slow movements) and mind (e.g., depression and isolation), dance is one way to help improve movement and quality of life. One program, Dance for PD (DfPD) has professional dancers/teachers guide participants through safe moves in ballet, Broadway jazz, improvisation and other styles. In a 2015 study published in ... Read More »

An Interview with Steffany Moonaz

Earlier this year, Steffany Moonaz, Ph.D., RYT 500, won Maryland University of Integrative Health’s (MUIH) first annual Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award for her work on Sustainable Transformation: The Short and Long-Term Effects of a Yoga Intervention on Quality of Life for Persons with Arthritis. The award acknowledges an MUIH faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in research and/or ... Read More »