Cow’s Milk—Does NOT Do a Body Good

Many people visit their doctors, claiming to be intolerant, sensitive or severely allergic to cow’s milk, yet these same patients have been able to travel to France and indulge in French cheese without any symptom presentation. Cow’s milk is made up of three parts—fat or cream, whey and milk solids. The milk solids are potentially the most problematic, specifically the ... Read More »

Take a Look at Tacky Park

Not even a stone’s throw from the nation’s capitol—in fact overlapping area lines, Takoma Park is a diverse and cosmopolitan community that has the undeniable feel of a small town. Though considerably political, being in such proximity to the country’s political epicenter, and known by some as one of the most liberal cities in America, that does not deny Takoma ... Read More »

Restorative Health-Comprehensive and Balanced Healthcare

Whether conventional or holistic, one of the challenges of staying healthy is balancing the advice of different health care professionals. Restorative Health, in Tenleytown, solves much of that problem with staff trained in Eastern and Western medicine, working as a team to devise a comprehensive health plan for each patient. Think of them as a one-stop-shop healthcare provider. Founding member, ... Read More »

An Incredibly Lighter Way of Being: The Trager® Approach

How can soft touch and pleasurable rhythmic movement go so deep as to make positive permanent changes in the person receiving it? The Trager® Approach is just such a paradox. Dr. Milton Trager came up with this profoundly simple way of easing the body-mind to release its unwanted holding patterns. A  mailman and a boxer—not particularly an intellectual or a ... Read More »

The Mindful Journey of Childhood

The bumper sticker, “Childhood is a Journey Not a Race,” seems like a simple and straightforward reminder to be mindful, but we often forget to think about how profound the statement truly is. In fact, the philosophy presents a challenge to parents and educators alike. A race has a starting line and finish line and ranks participants by speed, in ... Read More »

Research and the Efficacy of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing with a documented history of roughly 3000 years. In China and other Asian countries, this form of healing is a foundational part of the overall culture, and people are aware of the benefits of receiving acupuncture. In fact, some of the population is educated in terminologies (i.e. hot/cold, yin/yang, damp/dry, wind, etc.) used ... Read More »

Welcome to October

My wonderful readers, It is finally October–the month worth waiting for all year. My joy in October comes from the transition it brings. Summer is glorious and green, but fall is lush and bursting with orange, red and yellows. It is the preparation time—the time that leads us into the quieting of the earth in the fallow fields and the ... Read More »

Your letter from the Publisher, Robin Fillmore

Dear Friends, I want to take this opportunity to make a confession—I am an addict. Specifically, I am gym-addicted. For the past 30 years, I have spent at least six hours a week in the gym. It is a good thing to be addicted to—at least in my case. My daily, one-hour gym routine has been a constant in my ... Read More »

Power Supply – Fuel for a Powerful Life

Power Supply, provider of chef-driven prepared paleo meals, recently announced that it has joined forces with Mindful Chef, which delivers paleo-inspired and vegetarian meals to yoga and specialized fitness communities.   Under the Power Supply brand, the company will serve a variety of active lifestyle consumers, including those at CrossFit gyms, yoga studios, multi-program gyms and other intentional fitness communities, ... Read More »