Study to be a Nutritional Therapist

The Nutritional Therapy Association is offering two separate, nine-month, blended online and in-person nutritional therapist certification programs with new venues in Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Boston, New York City, Denver, Toronto and other cities. Enrollment continues through September 12 for workshop courses that begin on September 19, while registration for the winter courses will commence October 10 until February 6, 2017, ... Read More »

Rolf Institute Expands Training Program

The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration is now offering the opportunity to train as a Certified Rolfer in other parts of the country beyond its main campus in Boulder, Colorado. Beginning early next year, the complete Basic Rolfing Structural Integration training program will also be offered in Atlanta, Georgia; Bellingham, Washington; Brookfield, Wisconsin; Charles Town, West Virginia; and Holderness, New ... Read More »

Achieving Optimal Health Conference

Mark your calendars for the fifth annual Achieving Optimal Health Conference, taking place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on October 22, at Georgetown University. This one-day conference will be filled with inspirational lectures from world-renowned health experts, a fabulous network of health-conscious conference attendees, free healthy lunch, demonstrations of new products and healthy food samples. There will also be ... Read More »

A Taste of Tai Chi

Join your neighbors and friends for a free class (or two) in Tai Chi with well-known local teacher, Joanne Chang, at Fairview Park, in Silver Spring. The classes will be offered from 10:30 a.m. to noon, on October 1 and 8. Everyone are encouraged to attend. Tai Chi is a wonderful form of martial arts that teaches defense techniques while ... Read More »

Music as Medicine

Music Soothes, Energizes and Heals Us by Kathleen Barnes As primeval drumbeats echo across an African savannah, the rhythms circle the globe, picked up by the chants and rattles of shamans gracing Amazonian jungles and Siberian tundra. They’re repeated in Gregorian chants filling medieval cathedrals and Om meditations resounding in Himalayan caves and yoga classes everywhere. They gently echo in ... Read More »

Empowering and Educating on Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness in Falls Church

A Spotlight on Bonita Woods Wellness Institute by Robin Fillmore Bonita Woods has carefully woven together a collection of healers that brings new meaning to the term “health support”. From her nonprofit organization, the Bonita Woods Wellness Institute, she works with those who are seeking relief from a variety of concerns. Woods approaches the task from the stance of educating ... Read More »

Yoga and Parkinson’s: An Interview with Kim Brooks

Kim Brooks is a Yoga for Parkinson’s instructor with the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA). She recently spoke with M. Teresa Vandergriff, to discuss yoga’s benefits for people facing this condition. Yoga seems demanding with its “pretzel” poses; can it work for Parkinson’s? KB: Yoga is the union of breath and awareness of the moment, and there ... Read More »

A Spicy Blend for Better Circulation

by Laina Poulakos The circulatory system is the body’s transportation system—carrying oxygen, nutrients and blood through the body. A healthy circulatory system benefits the body in many ways. It keeps the mind sharp as it benefits the heart, digestion system and joints and muscles—all while ridding the body of toxins. A good tonic for the circulatory system is garlic, valued ... Read More »

Meditation for Healthful Digestion

by Bonita Woods Nutritional counselors and holistic chefs have a unique perspective to help people resolve digestive issues. The causes of gastric distress can vary from IBS to cancer, from gluten issues to emotional trauma—or one of many other possible concerns. It is important to design a unique gut recovery program for each individual. No two are alike, except for ... Read More »

Rolfing Structural Integration Improves Sitting Posture

When sitting, many people believe that pulling their shoulders back, lifting up the chest and tucking in their buttocks to eliminate the curve of the lower back creates a healthy posture. If these actions seem difficult or make us feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean we are lazy or weak. Good posture actually comes naturally from using our body efficiently and ... Read More »