Meditation Goes Mobile

When today’s images of inner peace seem synonymous with destroying your work-assigned smartphone, unplugging and stepping away from a device might be the opposite of what you need. Why not find peace and love your mobile device all over again? A digital health technology start-up headquartered in Washington, MeditationAnywhere has set out to help people do just that. High tech ... Read More »

Values and Community at Maryland University of Integrative Health

When Cheryl Walker first entered the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) in 1998, as a student in a community education program, she had no idea that one day, she would be setting a new standard for university education as the nation’s first Chief Values Officer. Nor did she realize she would be creating a transformational educational experience for the ... Read More »

Adaptation and Mother Nature’s Remedies

Autumn is a time of universal realignment in the world around us, as well as within us. As the waning chlorophyll leaches out of the leaves, rendering them magnificent hues of red, orange and yellow, so does our outward, expansive yang energy begin to slow down and turn within. Since we are nature, it is no surprise that we begin ... Read More »

pH Matters

Remember how you measured the pH of water in science class? Seeing how our bodies are made up of 70 percent water, the pH in our body matters now more than ever before. The pH (potential of Hydrogen) is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. pH is measured on a scale from zero to 14. The ... Read More »

Mold in Your Home

Chronic fatigue, undiagnosed autoimmune conditions, hormonal deregulations, depression, anxiety, allergies, chronic respiratory issues, headaches and list of other problems can be caused by biological hazards present in the home or workplace. The most common among malicious indoor biological agents is mold. Hot humid climate and wide use of drywalls and wood as building materials are factors favoring mold growth in ... Read More »

Beautiful November

I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. If you have been affected by the political wrangling within our city, I hope that it has not affected your capacity to see each day as a precious gift. As I travel through the greater D.C., area, I hear stories of concern and uncertainty.  Even though our region has not ... Read More »

Effective Treatment for PTSD and Trauma

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy that is listed in the new Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Practice Guidelines as highly recommended or category “A”, for the treatment of trauma, panic attacks, grief and depression. EMDR is a neuropsychological approach to trauma resolution. EMDR helps to access and activate the intrinsic healing process. Many have referred ... Read More »

Preventing Osteoporosis Through Exercise

Women often want an exercise program to strengthen their bones. Before beginning such a program, it is recommended that they share a Bone Density Scan (DXA scan) with a professional health care or fitness trainer, to see where the majority of bone loss is and whether they have osteoporosis or osteopenia. Based on the results of the bone scan and ... Read More »

Fresh Local Foods for Your Dogs and Cats

For many in our area, the weekly trip to the local farmer’s market provides our fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables and other foods straight from the farm. Having access to clean, healthy foods provide choices which allow us to be healthier and more vibrant. The same is true of companion animals. The less processed the foods, the more macro and ... Read More »

Building a Mindful Nation, Veterans First

What if America’s combat veterans were able to combine their formidable skills with inner awareness training and mind-body healing practices? Imagine public schools and VFW halls in urban and rural communities across the country becoming centers of social renewal, staffed up with a corps of veterans turned educators and trauma recovery specialists. This is the vision of Rep. Tim Ryan ... Read More »