Raising a Music-Lover

Kids Thrive to Rhythms of Head and Heart by Randy Kambic A resounding chorus of research shows that the traditional three R’s of essential early education should also encompass an M for music. Playing instruments prior to and during school can put children on a tuneful path to lifelong benefits. Helpful Resources A 2015 study by the National Association for ... Read More »

The Power of Family Constellations On Health

by Dr. Isabel Sharkar Emotional and psychological wellness is a result of what we think, learn, experience and suffer, and how we interpret our lives. Additionally, we are influenced by the energy we receive from our ancestors. The flow of qi (energy) that is available to us from our parents (alive or deceased), is dependent on our ability to open ... Read More »

National Kids Yoga Conference at Catholic University

Amazing work is being done to bring the health benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation to children and teens. They are learning how to de-stress, focus their minds and develop greater self-awareness as educators, mental health professionals, parents and yoga teachers are seeing the benefits of social emotional learning, physical movement and wellness programs taught at all ages. The National ... Read More »

College Planning 101: Preparing for the Marathon of Your Child’s Education

by Barry Wind and Jeremy A. Pearce Many parents who have welcomed their first child recently or who have toddlers or children in elementary school turn to financial advisors for help in planning for their child’s education. Typically, parents are faced with questions such as: “Will my child go to college?” “Should I pay for some, or all, of their ... Read More »

Growing Up Empowered

Helping Kids Step into Their Best Selves by Judith Fertig The plugged-in, stressed-out world that challenges adults can be even more difficult for teens in the throes of hormones, peer pressure and a selfie culture. Parents can help their children thrive and become empowered individuals by nurturing desirable character traits such as resourcefulness, resilience, perseverance, self-reliance, independence, empathy and social ... Read More »

Yay for Play

Ways to Spark a Child’s Creativity by April Thompson Whether it’s playing dress-up, making forts from sofa cushions or drawing pictures, creative moments can define and distinguish a happy childhood. Yet it’s not all just fun and games, according to experts. Childhood creativity, nurtured both in the classroom and at home, is crucial for developing qualities such as sound decision-making, ... Read More »

DC VegFest 2016

Compassion Over Killing is proud to present DC VegFest 2016, the largest vegetarian celebration in the nation’s capital. This festival highlights the many benefits and joys of choosing plant-based foods. DC VegFest 2016 will be held from 11 am to 6 pm on September 24 at Yards Park. DC VegFest features presentations by renowned author and celebrity speakers, free food ... Read More »

New Hope for Juvenile Arthritis Sufferers

by Katherine Leo If your child complains of sore muscles or joints, pay attention and don’t just write it off as “growing pains”. There may be an underlying cause for their discomfort—it may be juvenile arthritis. This condition affects nearly 300,000 children in the U.S. alone. Each child’s pain, discomfort and/or flares are different but most share these symptoms: pain, ... Read More »

Mom’s Kitchen Counter Cooking School

Kids That Learn to Cook Grow Up Eating Healthier by Jen Haugen Envision walking the supermarket aisles and picking up a favorite pasta sauce and breakfast cereal, then adding favorite fruits and vegetables to the cart. When we think about the grocery brands we buy or our go-to recipes, they tend to begin with one common thread—the influence of our ... Read More »

Dad Matters

How to be the Father Kids Need by Armin Brott American fatherhood has evolved considerably in the last 50 years. While dads used to be kept out of the delivery room, today, more than 90 percent of new fathers are present for their children’s birth, reflected in MenCare Advocacy’s State of the Worlds’ Fathers. However, being there early on does ... Read More »