Water Scarcity and Steps for Active Citizens

by Barry Wind and Jeremy A. Pearce Here in the mid-Atlantic, we enjoy, and maybe take for granted, our access to a healthy supply of clean water for drinking, bathing, watering our lawns. But around the world, 780 million people lack access to safe clean water. Two and half billion people lack access to adequate sanitation. Every 20 seconds a ... Read More »

VA’s East Coast: A Home and Haven for the Eco-Minded

Real estate development and environmental protection frequently don’t go hand in hand, particularly along the East Coast. It’s refreshing to know that there are places where naturalists, preservationists and ecologists have worked alongside real estate interests to develop residential opportunities that ensure the beauty, safety and preservation of the natural habitat. Virginia’s Eastern Shore—the area that surrounds the Chesapeake Bay ... Read More »

Welcome to the Inaugural Live Well Loudon Festival

All are invited to participate in the inaugural Live Well Loudoun Festival, a one-day community celebration, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on April 22. The event will be promoting Loudoun-based, service and product companies who, according to event organizer, Natalie Hughes, “engage the Loudoun Community to live mindfully” by eating well, exercising smart, working well, giving well, living green, ... Read More »

Redefining Vitality

A Spotlight on Bob McMillan and the Come Alive Project For many who hit their mid-70s, their first thought is to relax, sit on the porch and enjoy a glass of lemonade. That would not be the correct assumption about Virginia-local, Bob McMillan. As he approached retirement in his late 60s, he realized that a new career in fitness and ... Read More »

Explore and Live on the Eastern Seaboard’s Longest Coastal Preserve

by Robin Fillmore Though it is only hours from Washington, D.C., a true hidden gem lies just to our south. Off the Eastern Shore of Virginia are the barrier islands which protect seaside tidal creeks, bays, marshes and the mainland, providing habitat for abounding nature, including migratory songbirds, raptors, shorebirds, shellfish and finfish. Visitors are welcomed with the sign “You’ll ... Read More »

Kissed by Kindness

by Emily Esfahani Smith Psychologist Ty Tashiro reports in The Science of Happily Ever After that only three in 10 couples remain in healthy, happy marriages. Psychologist John Gottman, in New York City, has studied couples for four decades seeking to understand successful relationships. He and his psychologist wife, Julie, founded The Gottman Institute that helps couples build and maintain ... Read More »

Healthy Aging

Five Keys for Longevity and Optimal Wellness by Elizabeth McMillan, MS, CNS Research dictates that longevity is heavily reliant on the foods we eat and our outlook on life. In fact, many studies have shown that changing one’s diet, even in their 70s and 80s, can improve health and decrease disease-risk. Inadequate nutrition has been known to contribute to the ... Read More »

Mindful Healthy Life Releases E-Book Resource Guide for Local Parents

For natural-minded parents that live in and around Washington, the new Mindful Healthy Life of Metro DC Guide to Holistic Family Living e-book offers a wide range of healthy family resources. The new release from the online lifestyle magazine combines all the entries that are in its online directory—practitioners, yoga studios, schools, parenting coaches, health coaches and much more—with lists of activities, events and ... Read More »

The Wild and Wooly Teen Brain

What Kids Need [from Us] to Grow Wise by April Thompson Peer pressure and body consciousness are universal challenges facing teens and their parents. Experts find that by modeling healthy habits and maintaining open lines of communication, adults can help foster healthy independent thinking and responses to inevitable situations. Respect Developing Capacities Some teen struggles are literally all in their ... Read More »

Consider Giving a Gift to the Planet this Holiday Season

by Rachel Feidelman What kinds of things first come to mind when you think of the holiday season? Gift giving? Delicious food? Traveling to see loved ones? Well, if it was any variation or combination of these three things, it is likely that some kind of wasteful behavior is occurring. As the holidays take the forefront in most people’s minds, ... Read More »