Letter From the Publisher

Dear Friends, We’ve almost made it through the summer, and now back-to-school season is just around the corner. At this time of year, it is easy to begin to feel the stress mounting, as more and more demands are placed upon us. Our goal at Natural Awakenings is to help you pause, slow down, re-center and find inspiration in the midst of life’s hectic ... Read More »

Erling Kagge on Our Deep Need for Silence

by Randy Kambic Explorer, publisher, art collector and author Erling Kagge inspires us to find silence around and within us as a transformative experience. The lengths he’s gone to make himself an authority in this pursuit include being the first person to complete the Three Poles Challenge on foot—the North and South poles and Mount Everest summit. He has also ... Read More »

Waste No Water

Communities Get Creative in Urging Conservation by April Thompson As freshwater becomes increasingly scarce worldwide, communities are coming together to find creative solutions to conserve it. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American family uses some 300 gallons of water a day at home, nearly a third of which lands on lawns and yardscapes. Yet simple solutions ... Read More »

A Kinder Heart

Cultivating a Life of Compassion by Amy Leigh Mercree The path to mentally transcending the world’s intrusive bustle is to be compassionate with our self and others. It begins in a relaxed heart from which emanate daily thoughts, words and deeds. Here’s a helpful centering exercise. Sit or lie in a quiet spot for about 10 minutes with eyes closed ... Read More »

Multilevel Healing Means Wholeness and Well-Being

by Marcia Childress Multilevel Healing is a new term for an ancient concept and it equates with my understanding of “holistic healing.” Holistic has come to mean “alternative” or natural, when in fact holistic means “as a whole.” It is engaging all levels of a person: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. As a Holistic practitioner for 40 years, I have ... Read More »

Walking the Indigo Path

by Dr. Isabel Sharkar, ND It’s one thing to treat symptoms—it’s another thing to have vibrant thriving health. From years of practice and thousands of clients treated, it is the experience at the Indigo Integrative Health Clinic that those who commit to getting well do so. The first step to healing and experiencing thriving vibrant health is commitment. As your ... Read More »

Letter From the Publisher

Dear Friends, As I write this letter the day after an outdoor barbecue for Father’s Day, I’m anticipating how fun July is for us in the Washington, D.C. area—as the schools close and the pools open. I overhear joyful conversations from families as they plan their yearly summer vacations and know that fun is on the horizon. July seems to ... Read More »

Exercise to Sleep By

Quell Insomnia and Nighttime Anxiety  by Marlaina Donato Insomnia plagues millions of Americans, and finding a solution can be difficult when the condition is chronic. Prolonged lack of quality sleep compromises health and sets the stage for depression, high blood pressure, obesity, inflammation, poor memory and even serious risk of heart attack. The good news is that natural alternatives, especially ... Read More »

Lovelight—More Than a Yoga Festival

by Robin Fillmore The Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival returns again this September to spread love and yoga for a third amazing season. This year, the nationally recognized festival will once again weave together not just another festival, but an opportunity to build on the emerging consciousness that individual’s voices. Festival-goers, when joined for the good of the planet and ... Read More »

Four Steps to Authentic Living

How to Live a Deeply Joyful Life by Jan Desai 1. Connect with the inner voice. Uncovering authenticity comes from within. We learn to discern and heed the inner voice of wisdom through daily silence, a still space that allows messages to resonate. This ever-present guidance system is always spot on. The key is to connect often. Be grateful for ... Read More »