Letter From the Publisher

April is an appropriate month to observe Earth Day as the ground thaws, trees come back to life and wildlife begins to shake off the winter. As a third generation Washingtonian, I’m forever amazed at nature’s offerings in our area—from the glorious mountains throughout Maryland and Virginia, to the incredible parkland within Washington, D.C. It’s encouraging that so many organizations ... Read More »

Native Intelligence

Planting an Eco-Friendly Yard by Avery Mack Maintaining a grassy yard or ornamental shrubs can be time consuming and less than eco-friendly. That’s why conservation-minded gardeners are turning to lush, native landscaping as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to spartan, water-free xeriscaping. Native plants not only save water, they enhance local ecosystems by providing food and shelter for birds, bees, butterflies ... Read More »

Ocean Robbins on Personal and Planetary Health

by April Thompson Food revolutionary Ocean Robbins has dedicated his life to inspiring others to rethink their food choices to transform both personal and planetary health. It’s a path forged in part by his father, John Robbins, who walked away from the family company, Baskin-Robbins, to become an acclaimed health advocate and author. Together, father and son founded the 500,000-plus-member ... Read More »

Colorful Healthy Food that Supports Local Farmers

The Benefits of CSA Membership by Lucas Brownback Considering a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership this spring? Hear the mutual benefits directly from a second-generation farmer who was seven years old when his family first began offering CSA membership in 1994. The CSA model works and makes farming viable for the future. The concept is simple:  it’s a relationship of ... Read More »

It All Starts with the Gut

by Elizabeth McMillan Did you know that each drop of colonic fluid contains more than a billion bacteria? In a healthy gut, there are more beneficial bacteria than pathogenic bacteria, and most research says that there is a ratio of 3:1 between nonhuman bacterial cells and human. These bacteria are known collectively as the body’s microbiome. According to Baylor College ... Read More »

Hypnosis Supports Desire for Healthy Foods

By Michelle DeStefano, L.Ac, CCH Many people know the value of choosing healthy foods over junk food, yet many seem to have a hard time sticking with healthier choices. This may not be all your fault. According to a 2017 article published by McGill University, a study conducted by the Scripps Research Institute on rats showed that when the rats ... Read More »

Letter From the Publisher

Dear Friends, Is it spring yet? The sun’s return to full strength in the Northern Hemisphere never can come soon enough for me. This winter seemingly had the most extreme swings in temperature, in my recent memory. Fortunately, the sauna at my gym was available to escape the chill, and I was able to get away to Florida for few ... Read More »

Matters of the Heart

by Allan Tomson In the article in last month’s Natural Awakenings, D.C. edition, the heart and its function were discussed. Following up this month is an exploration what can possibly go wrong, and what one can do to heal and nutritionally support one’s heart. The heart is a vital but delicate organ. The medical profession refers collectively to several different ... Read More »

Philippe Cousteau on the Power of Wonder and Legacy

by Randy Kambic Philippe Cousteau Jr., the 39-year-old grandson of legendary undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, is continuing a rich family legacy of sharing the wonders of the natural world with a global audience. A diver, conservationist and environmental activist, the younger Cousteau has also become an inspirational speaker, writer, social entrepreneur and producer of myriad television and film projects. Now ... Read More »

The Path to Wealth

How to Make a Dream Come True  by May McCarthy Successful professional athletes, musicians and business men and women that have achieved their goals can often point to repetition as a key to their prosperity and success. Undergoing both physical and mental training on a daily basis are keys for them to perform at their highest levels. Keeping their goals ... Read More »