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Mikhail Kogan, MD

GW Center for Integrative Medicine 202-833-5055 Dr. Kogan is Medical Director of GW Center for Integrative Medicine where he provides integrative consultations and primary care. In addition, he does geriatric consultations at GW University Hospital and makes home visits to frail patients. See ad, page 2. Read More »

Earthlight Promotions

703-401-9663 Bringing back the indigenous wisdom to our modern world. Organizing sacred retreat, reconnect with nature and sacred sites travel. Promoting holistic healers, traditional ancient medicine and wellness workshops. Read More »


Couples Therapy GW Center for Integrative Medicine 202-833-5055, 202-300-4981 Evaluation, treatment, counseling, and education for all sexual health concerns. See ad, page 2. Read More »

Mid Life Refocus

3914 Centreville Rd, Chantilly, VA 571-277-1292 Positive Behavioral Change consultant. Increase Self awareness for lasting change to heal the mind, body and soul. Fitness, educational consultant and hypnotist. See ad, page #. Read More »

Awaken My Heart Now

Silver Spring, MD 240-839-1661 Compassionate, supportive, and skilled, Shira combines acupressure and yogic meditation in individual/group sessions to cultivate a whole-being path to healing and growth. Read More »

Vitality Cleansing

571.331.1497 Vitality Cleansing offers an elegant and contemporary space utilizing the natural element of water. The Angel of WaterTM colon hydrotherapy systems are nestled in a comfortable, beautiful and hygienic environment; highlighted by soothing gentle music so your mind drifts while your body lets go. The leisurely pace of purified water gently washing debris from the colon provides the connection ... Read More »


8303 Arlington Blvd, Ste 206, Arlington, VA 703-207-4646 At VIVA iMED Center where you are a Very Important Patient, we work with you as a partner, listening to your needs, addressing the whole person including your medical issues and optimizing all aspects of your health and wellness. Read More »