When Your Pet Passes

A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing  by Julianne Hale A pet’s love is extraordinary because it is unconditional. It doesn’t have expectations, pass judgment or try to leverage guilt. It is rich in loyalty, trust and adoration. Domestic pets provide warmth, companionship and love, as well as purpose, fun and conversational gambits for family members. For lonely hearts, they ... Read More »

Preparing Your Cat for a Long Separation

by Beth Permenter Leaving your cat to go on vacation (or extended work trip) can be quite worrisome, especially when there is a strong attachment. However there are ways to communicate, and reassure, that all is well. Cats thrive on routine. That’s why on the weekends, you’ll wake at seven in the morning to those bright eyes staring intently back. ... Read More »

Rehabilitation Therapy for Pets

By Dr. Coming Rehabilitation therapy is akin to physical therapy for pets and has profoundly changed the way musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis, disk problems and damaged hips and knees are handled for dogs and cats.  What was once thought to only be mended through surgery or life-long medication can now often be corrected with natural and gentle rehabilitation techniques. ... Read More »

Mission: Animal Rescue

Big and Small, They Need Our Help  by Sandra Murphy Every creature in the animal kingdom has an essential purpose, yet through human interference, animal life overall has become so imbalanced as to signal a tipping point for Earth. Extreme care for the rapidly growing population of a relative handful of pet breeds stands in stark contrast to trending extinction ... Read More »

Energy Healing for Pets

by Sherry Dmytrewycz Pets, like people, have an energy body as well as a physical body and therefore, respond well to energy healing approaches. Energy healing has proven effective for animals, whether they are emotionally upset, ill, injured, having behavioral issues, are structurally out of alignment or need clearing of negative past experiences that may be affecting their overall well-being. ... Read More »

Local Supplier for Innovative Natural Pet Product

Protecting pets against fleas, naturally, is one of the most challenging problems for pet owners. Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes pose dangers for pets, yet most of the approved products on the market to control fleas and ticks on cats and dogs contain insecticides, which can endanger the health of all pets. There is now a local, exciting alternative for flea ... Read More »

The Big Bad Woof Looks to Expand Using Kickstarter Loan

 Since 2005, the Big Bad Woof, a retail pet supply store in Old Takoma (District of Columbia) and the Arts District Hyattsville, has served the community by offering organic, holistic and premium raw diets and a wide range of alternatives including holistic supplements. Both stores also provide access to local foods for people via drop-off locations for Soupergirl and 5aDayCSA. ... Read More »

First Person – Why I Went Vegan

I had been a vegetarian for over six years when I decided to become a vegan. That was almost two years ago, and I have embraced every bite of it. The big “aha moment” was during a one-month intensive Jikamukti yoga teacher training program at the Omega Institute in New York. I watched the powerful movie Earthlings, which revealed to ... Read More »

Fresh Local Foods for Your Dogs and Cats

For many in our area, the weekly trip to the local farmer’s market provides our fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables and other foods straight from the farm. Having access to clean, healthy foods provide choices which allow us to be healthier and more vibrant. The same is true of companion animals. The less processed the foods, the more macro and ... Read More »

Complete Care for Companion Animals

Taking care of a companion animal can be a challenge. The Big Bad Woof, a local retail pet supply store, serves as a community resource to the guardians of socially conscious pets. It offers  access to organic, holistic and premium raw diets and a wide range of alternatives including holistic supplements. Co-owners, Pennye Jones-Napier and Julie Paez opened the store ... Read More »