Dr. Kai Parker

A Woman who is with Women It was a surprise to Kai Parker in her first obstetrics class that midwives were still providing important assistance to pregnant women who desired to have their babies safely and naturally at home. Her instructor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine showed a video of a home birth and by the end of ... Read More »


By Sam Hudgins Websites have become an integral part of how we connect to the world but many people are still unsure how best to utilize and benefit from them. This is where VonHosting, a webhosting and website development company, finds its purpose. Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Nicholas Smith sums up the company’s mission statement as “[working] with ... Read More »

The DC Doula

Malika Hook Muhammad is The DC Doula. To Muhammad, being a doula is more than just providing support to a mother in labor. Being a doula requires enough flexibility to become whatever the family needs. Sometimes that is to support the mother. Other times the support is needed by her partner, her parents or her other children. Then there are ... Read More »

Mind-Body Week Presents Leading Researchers on Treating Pain

by Deborah Norris and Jessie Taylor One in three Americans suffers from chronic pain (or least 100 million adults) indicating that pain is a pervasive national healthcare concern. Even more alarming, nearly half of all of those who suffer report that it is inadequately treated. There is new and pervasive evidence that reveals that the use of self-care therapies such ... Read More »

Let Go and Let Grow: The Power of Retreat

by HawaH Join HawaH and and Mimi Rieger for Let Go and Let Grow, from May 29 to 31, as they create a transformational space for those living in the greater Washington, D.C. area to find peace, quiet and sanctuary at Yogaville (Satchidananda Ashram) located in Buckingham, Virginia. It is a beautiful oasis of 100-plus acres, walking trails and wonderful ... Read More »

Beth Lindley: Bringing Health and Wellness to a Corporate Kitchen Near You

Beth Lindley is on a mission to bring healthy eating and wellness to area businesses and their employees in an innovative way—through their corporate kitchen. Most offices have a designated space for employees to warm up their prepared meals or gather around a table to share the midday meal—many times eating unhealthy fast food. Lindley’s unique approach is to provide ... Read More »

Terri Neff Metin: A Partner in Transforming Lives and Homes

When a potential homebuyer or seller meets Terri Neff Metin for the first time, they quickly notice that they have encountered a mighty force who has the potential of making so many of their dreams come true. Metin has been a leading Realtor in this area for a number of years, helping her clients to understand the process of buying ... Read More »

The Maid Brigade Offers a Green Way to Clean Your Home

by Samantha Hudgins Maid Brigade, in business since 1979, made a commitment to green cleaning in 2007 and has been a Green America-approved business ever since. In every aspect of the business, Maid Brigade takes seriously its commitment to create the safest indoor environment in their clients’ homes, as well as in their office. To become Green America-approved, a company ... Read More »

Sushma Hirani, MD

Sushma Hirani, MD, specializes in functional and integrative medicine to treat chronic diseases. She has a special interest in women’s health care, natural hormone balancing and detoxification.   Rose Wellness Center 2944 Hunter Mill Rd., Ste 101, Oakton, VA 571-529-6699 Read More »