Key Signs We’re Approaching a Defining Moment

by Dennis Merritt Jones Our authentic self is constantly trying to get our attention so it may be more fully expressed. When we set our intention to genuinely evolve, we naturally begin to pay attention and see how redefining moments appear as needed. They are drawn to us sequentially to support us in the process of staying the course on ... Read More »

Awakening to Spirit

Prayer and Meditation Heal and Free Us by Richard Davenport By its intimate connection with divine love, Spirit infuses human experience with qualities of amazing grace—unexpected clarity, vision, wisdom, peace, compassion, emotional release, inspirational epiphanies, deep understanding and comprehensive healing of mind, body and soul. While society abounds with scientific research, products and practices that promise to enhance our mind ... Read More »

Sharon Salzberg on Mindfulness

Simple Ways to Be in the Present Moment by April Thompson New York City-born Sharon Salzberg experienced a childhood full of loss and upheaval, losing her parents and living in five different household configurations. In college, she discovered the power of meditation to transform suffering and cope with life’s never-ending changes. Born into a Jewish family, Salzberg first encountered Buddhism ... Read More »

Stop Preparing and Start Living

by HawaH Have you recently felt unprepared? Perhaps you’ve told yourself, “I can’t apply for that job. I need more preparation. I don’t have enough experience.” Or maybe you’ve said, “I can’t go on that trip overseas. I’ve never traveled out of the country before.” We spend so much time “preparing” ourselves. We’re preparing to go onstage in front of ... Read More »

Finding Words to Express True Wealth

Something We Truly Owe to Ourselves by Linda Lang In the realms of yogic practices, it is not uncommon to come face to face with life’s deepest pleasures, as well as life’s most difficult challenges. We turn to our practices to explore everything from the purely physical, to the divine; to explore practical, ordinary aspects of daily life, as well ... Read More »

True Wealth

Living a Life You Love is Real Affluence by Judith Fertig Traditional economics has us thinking in opposites—assets and liabilities. We consider the value of the material things we’ve accumulated: We add up our assets, which may include stocks, bonds, real estate, bank accounts and retirement savings. Then we subtract what we owe: Our liabilities may include a home mortgage, ... Read More »

Grateful For Everything

by Mary Lynn Ziemer The secret to happiness and finding the enduring joy we all seek is Thanksgiving—the simple act of continually giving thanks. To realize wonderful positive outcomes, up to and including seeming miracles, do one thing: Show gratitude all day long. Seeing everything in a new light, through a refreshing prism of love and appreciation, imparts a deep ... Read More »

Awakening the Global Heart

Compassionate Activists Unite to Write Earth’s New Story  by Linda Sechrist As individuals and in groups, more people today are expressing deep inner caring and compassion for fellow humans and all life on this planet by hitching their heartfelt energies to powerful actions that hold the promise of a sustainable future. In This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, author ... Read More »

Baggage? History? Diamonds?

by Sherry Dmytrewycz What you surround yourself with—even what you have stored away—has an impact on each person at the energetic level.  Some of the surrounding things are baggage, some are history and some are diamonds.  These terms reflect the relative impact the objects have on an individual’s happiness and peace of mind. Baggage represents items that have negative energy ... Read More »

Create a Thriving Local Herbal Community

Ten Ways to Get Started by Molly Meehan Farmers markets, CSA’s, and local foods restaurants have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity.  Consciousness around food justice, seasonal eating, and supporting our local farmers have become more common place. Yet herbalism, another a land-based profession that is central to our health, has remained fringe and poorly understood. Here are some ways you can ... Read More »